Bathroom: marble niches

Marble niches for the bathroom are a trend in interior design. In the bathroom, they are usually placed on the walls of the shower, which are also made of marble.

Dual function: aesthetic and functional

As with other design elements of natural stone, we see again a piece that fulfills a dual function: it is aesthetic and functional.

From a practical point of view, marble niches offer a storage space inside the shower. Its function is to keep at hand the necessary tools for our cleaning or beauty rituals. Moreover, they are also made of marble, and they avoid having to install shelves made of other materials that can corrode when in constant contact with water.

From an aesthetic perspective, marble niches break the wall’s vertical uniformity, adding an element that embellishes while maintaining clean lines. Some niches also integrate lighting to offer a play of light to the environment during relaxing moments such as bathing.

Below, we are going to describe some of our natural stone projects that integrate marble niches for the bathroom.

Marble niche in Atenea White marble with a split-face finish

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

In the image, we appreciate a niche with lighting that stands out for its frosted finish. The rough, supernatural texture contrasts with the polished finish of the surrounding walls.

Thanks to a handcrafted process, the split-face finish exposes an unmachined section, taking aesthetic advantage of the stone’s reliefs and irregularities.

Polished Pietra Grey marble niche

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

This beautiful, relatively flat, and elongated niche presents a particular variety of dark grey marble called Pietra Grey and has thin white veins.

The polished finish provides shine and water tightness simultaneously because polishing reduces the stone’s porosity to a minimum.

Polished Calacatta Gold marble niche

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

The continuation of the grain is the protagonist of this Calacatta Gold bath-jewel. As we can see in the image, the natural vein maintains its patterns across the niche without being interrupted. It is an excellent example of natural stone design for large format. The finish is also polished.

Honed Pacific Grey marble niche

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

This Pacific Grey cladding enhances the wilder aesthetics of the stone. The honed finish also ostensibly reduces the stone’s porosity without adding shine, compared to the polished finish.

As we can see in the image, the designer provides a space with a niche and adds a bench in Gris Pacífico for greater user comfort.

Iceberg White polished marble niche

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

Above these lines, we see how the designer takes advantage of the crystalline qualities of Iceberg White by adding light to the niches. The finish is polished.

Polished Oasis Brown marble niche

Hornacinas de mármol - Marble niches

Finally, we showcase this piece located under the window made of Oasis Brown marble, a semi-precious stone with brownish tones. Its crystalline background has a coriaceous appearance, and golden veins cross it.

It is an exquisite and natural solution in earth tones.

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