Harlequin marble floor

We could say that the harlequin marble floor is closely related to the chess marble floor. However, instead of presenting a checkerboard format, the harlequin allows for certain creative licenses.

“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” Paul Cezanne.

Harlequins were often represented by the avant-garde artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For example, Picasso, Dalí or Cézanne, author of the painting we see above.

The Harlequin is a provocative and amusing figure closely linked to the Italian comedy. Cézanne also framed this character within the celebration of Mardi Gras. The geometric attractiveness of the Harlequin and the fact that this character gained strength in an era of so many cultural changes is a reflection of its exuberance. We are in front of a type of aesthetics, profuse in geometric shapes and colors, which was adopted in decoration with harlequin marble floors.

Harlequin marble flooring

This floor belongs to a luxury kitchen where TINO Natural Stone participated in the cladding. The floor features two types of natural stone: Wenge from the Natura collection and Atenea White.

The final result is a floor with a high degree of magnetism without resorting to chromatic stridencies. The elegant dark brown color of the Wenge houses a series of perfect geometric shapes that turn the space into a unique environment.

Oriental Green and Macael White Harlequin marble floor

We remain in the universe of contrasts to find this floor belonging to the Beatriz Palace Hotel in Fuengirola. Tino Natural Stone participated in the interior cladding of the hotel. Specifically, in the image, we see a classic style floor that combines Oriental Green and Macael White marble.

Harlequin marble floor made of Alicante Red and Royal Crema

In the image, we see the same layout of the pieces as in the previous project. However, the designer chose warmer tonalities.

This hall belongs to the Kempinski Estepona Hotel, who selected TINO Natural Stone for the interior cladding with the Alicante Red marble and the Royal Cream.

Spa floors at the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Marbella

For the relaxation area of the Villa Padierna Palace, TINO Natural Stone applied a harlequin floor formed by Perlino White and Marquina Black.

The larger, square-shaped tiles are made of Perlino White, a fossiliferous white limestone. It has a nice creamy white color, light, compact and fine grain. The smaller, rhomboidal pieces are made of Marquina Black.

Not far from the previous room, you will find this beautiful classic style swimming pool. As we can see, in its interior it has maintained the harlequin marble floor. This time, the square pieces of bigger size are made of Macael White, and the small ones continue being Marquina Black.

The floor that surrounds the swimming pool presents a succession of soft aquatic waves alternating the materials of White Macael and Marquina Black.

Travertine Harlequin floor of the Beatriz Palace Hotel in Fuengirola

This floor belongs to the Beatriz Palace in Fuengirola and combines Travertine Olivillo and Blanco Perlino in DOMUS finish.

Both, the materials and the type of finish evoke memories of the floors of ancient Rome. A stylistic resource very appreciated when the designer is looking for dressing Mediterranean spaces that want to transmit comfort and well-being.

Premium Beige and Emperor Brown Harlequin marble floor

Finally, we visit the bathroom of a luxury villa in Sotogrande in which TINO Natural Stone participated in the cladding. Premium Beige marble was applied to the larger pieces and Emperor Brown to the smaller ones and to the ribbon that forms the marble carpet of the floor.

This work is a magnificent example of how this type of composition can also be carried out through a concept closer to mosaic, with smaller pieces.

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