Honed Nebula White marble bathroom

This Nebula White marble bathroom became one of the most luminous rooms of the project.

The different elements of the bathroom have a total marble look. Washbasins, countertops, shower, walls, and floors were made out of the same stone achieving an enveloping, beautiful, and uniform final effect.

Nebula White Marble

The marble used for the different pieces is called Nebula White, a dolomite with a white base full of whimsical grayish lines and lilac touches.

As its name suggests, this magnificent natural stone’s patterns look like small, soft nebulae suspended in a cottony world.

It is precisely this ethereal and crisp appearance that makes this bathroom a beautiful, luminous, and very comfortable place, enhanced by the natural light that enters through the window.

The honed finish on walls, floors, and washbasin

The bathroom presents a honed finish on walls, floors, washbasins, and countertops. The only area that does not include this type of finish is the shower floor, although it does maintain the same kind of marble.

The honed marble finish provides a smooth but matte surface, not to be confused with polished, which adds shine.

This type of finish gives a smooth appearance to the stone, reinforcing the concept of cleanliness and clarity from a tactile perspective. It is also perfect for bathrooms because it considerably reduces the stone’s porosity, which again reduces the risk of permeation of any liquid substances.

Zero slip-resistant finish on the shower floor

Baño mármol Blanco Nebula - Villa IX - Nebula White marble bathroom

The shower floor of this Nebula White marble bathroom has a Zero finish, giving the stone a slightly grainy, matte appearance.

Our technicians obtain Zero by controlled weathering processes, which produces a very homogeneous smooth-grained surface.

The Zero finish is perfect for exteriors and areas such as natural stone shower trays where it is necessary to prevent slipping without compromising the beauty of the material.

The same stone with different finishes depending on its final use

As we have seen in the images, our honed Nebula White marble bathroom brings together uniformity without sacrificing functionality.

The use of the same stone in all elements provides a beautiful enveloping effect. However, we used different finishes depending on the purpose of each element.

This is the reason why it is essential, when carrying out a project of this size, to rely on a natural stone specialist such as TINO Natural Stone. TINO has divisions such as TINO Stone Care, or an R+D+i department focused on innovation in natural stonework and maintenance.

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