Macael Awards: Latin America International Award for Wanders & Yoo

The esteemed Premios Macael Jury has bestowed the coveted Latin America International Award upon Wanders & Yoo, an innovative project conceived by the renowned international brand Yoo, materialized in the vibrant city of Panama. This extraordinary work takes the form of two majestic apartment towers, where finishes in natural stone play a fundamental and starring role, standing out in flooring, cladding, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms, both within the apartments and in common areas.

Durex Property Group, the visionary developer behind this project, has forged strategic alliances with renowned brands in the market, such as Fendi, Philippe Starck, and the acclaimed Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. The latter, recognized for his disruptive and creative vision, has injected his genius into Wanders & Yoo, elevating the design experience to an exceptional level.


Wanders & Yoo emerges as the gestation of a utopian world, a masterful fusion of design and elegance, where diverse ideas coexist in perfect harmony. The two imposing towers are not only a testament to architectural excellence but also a reflection of Marcel Wanders’ unique vision, creating a space where creativity and functionality converge spectacularly.

TINO Natural Stone takes pride in being part of internationally referenced projects such as Wanders & Yoo, contributing its expertise and commitment to quality in every detail of natural stone finishes. Salvador González, CEO of TINO Natural Stone, had the honor of accepting the award on behalf of Wanders & Yoo during the Macael Awards ceremony. This distinction reinforces TINO’s position as a key partner in cutting-edge design projects, solidifying collaboration in the creation of exceptional spaces.”


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