Marble mosaics and natural stone compositions

Marble mosaics are a rich ornamental element and represent an exquisite taste for detail and harmony.

Historically, the mosaic technique has a great artistic tradition. It was generalized in the different ancient cultures settled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its golden age developed during the Roman and Byzantine empires, of which we are heirs.

An art blessed by the charm of the muses

Mosaico en la Villa romana del Casale (Sicilia).

The Roman mosaic was born as an artistic and figurative composition created with several fragments of varied materials called tesserae. The tesserae could be made of basalt, travertine, marble, glass paste, and shells, among others.

These pieces decorated floors and walls in thermal baths, luxury villas, ancient commercial establishments, and public buildings. The most precious mosaics with smaller tesserae were destined to projects with a more significant economic budget.

Roman mosaics became so popular because the people thought that such a precious art could only be inspired by the muses. It is the reason why its Latin name is opus musivum, the work of the muses.

Mosaics made by small marble tesserae

TINO Natural Stone has participated in the elaboration of different marble and natural stone projects that include mosaics. Let’s start with those with the tesserae.

Rosetón en mosaico de mármol - Beatriz Palace - Marble mosaic rosette

This composition surrounded by Alicante Red is a marble mosaic located in the Hotel Beatriz Palace in Fuengirola (Spain). Among the stones of its tesserae, the Macael White, the Crema Bianco and the Oriental Green stand out.

We see a drawing that combines the floral motives with geometric forms.

Oriental Green marble - Rosetón - Beatriz Palace - Mármol Verde Oriental

This other rosette belongs to the same hotel. The surrounding stone is Oriental Green, and those inside are mostly composed of a combination of Parador Cream and Parador Yellow. This time the floral motif was made with more discreet tones.

1.negro marquina y crema parador domus

We also share the picture of a mosaic of Marquina Black marble and Parador Cream with a honed finish. In this case, waving lines inspired by the sea and the mountains surround a human figure with an Asian appearance.

Marble mosaics made with large pieces

Macael White marble - Alicante Red marble - Beatriz Palace - Mármol Rojo Alicante - Mármol Blanco Macael

We continue at the Beatriz Palace Hotel to highlight the beauty of this floor that combines Parador Yellow, Parador Cream and Alicante Red. The DOMUS finish adds a unique rustic touch to the space.

The last mosaic of the Beatriz Palace Hotel that we are going to see is in one of its lounges for banquets and events.

Macael White marble - Beatriz Palace - Mármol Blanco Macael

An impressive compass rose dominates the center of the space. Macael marble is the protagonist. It is a natural stone that has a variety of tones ranging from white to dark grey.

Mosaic at the Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella

Mosaicos de mármol - Salones Villa Padierna Palace hotel - Marble mosaics

This dream lounge has one of the most italic decorations of the entire building. As we mentioned in the post “Marble stairs”, the Villa Padierna Palace is inspired by a palace in Tuscany. Moreover, this is one of the spaces where the exquisiteness that its designer wanted to express is best represented.

Flanked by leafy and bucolic frescos, the beautiful flooring is composed by Perlino White, Marquina Black, and Travertine Olivillo marble. The Italian reminiscences create the illusion of baroque floor plans with curved lines. For example San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini or Sant’Andrea al Quirinale by Bernini.

Polygonal marble mosaic

As we saw in the post “Natural stone staircases,” this foyer presents a beautiful central mosaic composed of Travertine Olivillo and Perlino White. The slightly rounded edges and the random wear areas of the FORUM finish evoque memories of the floors of the old European palaces.

Marble mosaic with compass rose shape

The location of this marble mosaic is the hall of Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real in Fuerteventura. The compass rose, and the surrounding pavement is composed of Perlino White, Alicante Red, and Travertine Classic marble. It is an inspiring type of ornament prevalent in marine enclaves.

Conservation Marble mosaics and natural stone compositions

TINO Stone Care is the TINO Natural Stone department in charge of the recovery, renovation, implementation, and maintenance of marble and natural stone projects. Now we are going to see some examples of restoration of some marble mosaics. All of them have suffered damages in their original appearance due to the passage of time or other reasons like a house refurbishment.

Saint Laurent - Crema Marfil - Ivory Cream - Mosaic - Mosaico - Marble Maitnenance - Mantenimiento del mármol

The first stop is a luxury villa in Marbella where we see a stone carpet made of Crema Marfil and Saint Laurent marble.

TINO Stone Care has created a personalized marble maintenance protocol for this art-work so that the beauty of the materials remains preserved with the passing of time.

Mosaico para restaurar

In this case, we see a marble mosaic made with two types of natural stone: Wengue, from the Natura collection and Atenea White marble.

Mosaico de mármol restaurado - Wengue - Blanco Atenea White - Restored marble mosaic

In the image, we appreciate the refurbishment of an existing residence in which TINO Stone Care carried out the consulting, supply and implementation related to marble. For this purpose, TINO Stone Care prepared the surface for its future use as a floor for a luxury kitchen.

Recuperacion mosaico Rojo Alicante y Negro Marquina - Alicante Red and Marquina Black marble mosaic recovery

We continue with the marble recovery of the Hotel Las Dunas.

Recuperacion mosaico Rojo Alicante y Negro Marquina - Alicante Red and Marquina Black marble mosaic recovery 2

A recovery treatment was carried out for the Marquina Black, Alicante Red and Macael White marble of the floor mosaic after the refurbishment of the hotel.

Pulido de un mosaico de mármol - Marble mosaic

Finally, we visit a house with more than 500m2 of cream marble and, natural stone mosaic floors. TINO Stone Care was selected by the property to execute the Mechanical Polishing of the floor finishes (naturally, without crystallizers or brighteners and being respectful with the material).

Pulido de un mosaico de mármol - Marble mosaic 2

In the image we can see one of the rosettes in full process, waiting for the sequence of “High Brightness” that that concludes the work.

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If you are also thinking of including marble mosaics in your project, contact us.


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