Six marble outdoor pools

Marble outdoor pools invite you to relax and let yourself enjoy the senses in a stimulating and natural environment.

The following selection of pools has a common denominator: to create unique environments in which time flows unhurriedly and where the stone coating is the protagonist.

In today’s post, we will immerse ourselves in the best summer in the open air, caressed by the sun and connected with the stone.

Luxury Macael White marble pool

The designer has achieved a sense of peace and tranquility through an intentional minimalism with Mediterranean reminiscences, transporting us to hidden places of the Greek islands. To reach this goal, it combines the white tone of the marble and the sand tones of the wood with the turquoise blue of the pool.

The pure lines, the chromaticism and the textures, are only interrupted by a subtle perimeter band of white pebbles. This Zen style resource not only provides aesthetic beauty but also creates an anti-slip zone.

TINO Natural Stone participated in the flooring with the spectacular Macael White marble slabs that we see in the image.

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An endless pool of cream marble

In this spectacular pool, TINO Natural Stone participated with Cream Parador marble slabs with a non-slip flamed surface finish. A stone with a lot of character due to its nuances of colors ranging from cream to ocher and taupe.

An “endless” style pool in which, for a moment, we can imagine emerging from the water and being delighted by the views of the valley and the sea on the horizon; and at the end of the bath lying down our body to the sun in contact with the pleasant texture of the stone.

Crema Bianco marble pool in Marbella

In this example, we find a lordly pool integrated into a simple but majestic house. Its design, with a pond concept, and its predominant location invite to serenity and well-being due to its sobriety and good taste.

The Crema Bianco marble flooring enhances the Mediterranean style of the entire villa by integrating it into the beautiful coastal hills that surround it.

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Marble pool of “The Arabian Nights”

Here is another nice example of marble outdoor pools. This one is the most exotic of our selection and very unique because it acquires a magical aspect at sunset. The designer has created a concept of the infinite highlighted by the clarity provided by the Crema Bianco marble and its inherent precious and delicate lighting.

A seductive space that invites to the night bath with the moonlight.

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Minimalist white marble pool

The simple and rectilinear shapes praise the beauty and quality of the materials that cover this luxury villa in Sotogrande.

Its ventilated facade finds continuity in the floor of the pool: the two areas show slabs of Caliza Luna. A material in total agreement with the purity of the forms of the building.

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Travertine outdoor pool

We have already seen this example in our previous post “Travertine outdoor flooring“, but it is worth including it in this selection of marble outdoor pools.

A classic villa in which the Iberic Travertine textured floor stands out, a natural stone of an elegant tanned color that matches perfectly with the crystalline waters of the pool and the light of the surroundings.

If, like us, you think that marble outdoor pools add value to your residential or hotel projects, contact us here or visit the professional area.


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