Natural stone in Mediterranean style

Including natural stone in Mediterranean style is like creating a beautiful harmonic circle where everything fits together.

Sea, sand, sun, and breeze are maritime environment elements that invite the senses to enjoy. Natural stone enhances every sensation like no other material.

In today’s article, we will go over some of the projects that we have carried out at TINO on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and in which stone has contributed to making them unique and perfect locations.

The beige marble in Mediterranean style

Mármol crema en el estilo mediterráneo

Beige marble provides brightness but adds warmth compared to white marble. It evokes the softness and temperance of a sea, such as the Mediterranean, while its sandy tones are enchanting. The beige colors combine perfectly with wood elements and linen textiles in white or broken white.

Travertine marble in Mediterranean style

Travertino en el estilo mediterráneo

Travertine marble is intimately linked to the Mediterranean tradition. It comes originally from Italy, and already in the Roman period, it was used in villas as well as in prominent public buildings such as thermal baths or amphitheaters.

The aesthetics of travertine, and even its reinterpretation in today’s modern designs, project Roman classicism par excellence. Therefore, it can dress swimming pools, floors, and coatings for bathrooms and kitchens in Mediterranean style.

The importance of glass doors and windows

Fishers and those who have always lived on the shores of the Mediterranean keep their doors and windows open to take advantage of everything the sea has to offer: the sound, the breeze, the light, the explosion of colors in the water and the vegetation.

Suelo de piedra natural en el estilo mediterráneo

In the image, we see a floor of Royal Travertine in cream white which transports us to the exterior garden framed by a wooden door.

Pasarela de piedra natural en el estilo mediterráneo

In this villa in Marbella, a cream marble footbridge invites us to the outdoor pool. The whole composition reminds us of an almost white sandy beach with a calm sea.

Suelo de mármol en el estilo mediterráneo

We visit another villa, in this case, from Mallorca. The polished cream marble floor reflects the Mediterranean light that passes through the large windows.

Natural stone fountains in Mediterranean style

The fountains are another element that we find in the Mediterranean culture. The appearance of naturale stone fountains is originated origin in Classic Greece.

In the above image, we see an octagonal fountain of traditional style made in travertine. Its location is none other than the great hotel Villa Padierna Palace in Marbella.

Atrio de piedra natural en el estilo mediterráneo

This other, more modern style fountain, is also made of travertine and is part of a luxury villa on the shores of the Mediterranean. This beautiful corner of the garden resembles a Roman atrium, with the water element as its central axis.

Natural stone pools in Mediterranean style

Piscinas y terrazas de piedra natural en el estilo mediterráneo

Finally, we should not forget the natural stone pools in Mediterranean style. In this post, we are not going to extend ourselves because we have already talked extensively about them in other articles, both indoors and outdoors marble pools.

However, we did want to include a small mention because they are little private paradises where natural stone makes them unique and unrepeatable rest areas.

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