New website for Stonesize by TINO®, the ultralight stone brand of TINO Natural Stone

Stonesize by TINO® has a new website. TINO Natural Stone’s ultralight natural stone brand improves the physical-mechanical properties of natural stone so it can be installed in places where the minimum possible weight is required.

Stonesize by TINO® consists of a thin layer of natural stone, reinforced with ultra-light composite materials and HoneyComb. It reduces the weight of the dimensional stone by more than 60%, making it an ideal solution for various use-cases such as shipbuilding, residential design, natural stone furniture or facades.

Avant-garde technology

The first section of the web is destinated to explain the avant-garde technology that is being used to achieve ultralight natural stone slobs.

At a glance, the visitor will see how Stonesize by TINO® is able to provide the highest performance combined with weight reduction, great size, and resistance.

Use-cases for Stonesize by TINO

The versatility of Stonesize by TINO® makes it a key solution in various areas of architecture and interior design. Its use is highly recommended in:

+ Interiors. Ir >

+ Facades. Ir >

+ Furniture. Ir >

+ Naval design. Ir >

+ Raised floors. Ir >

Product range

Aluminium, fiberglass, porcelain or polymer sheets; there is a Stonesize by TINO® product for every type of application. Depending on the requirements of each project, it will be possible to combine the natural stone with the most optimal materials.

Natural stone collection

Stonesize by TINO © offers 50 natural stones of great beauty and a wide variety of colors. All of them are of premium quality, ranging from marble and onyx to limestone and quartzite.


The projects where Stonesize by TINO® is participating rely on innovation and quality to offer unique elements in terms of beauty and functionality.

For more information, please visit the Stonesize by TINO® website or the contact page >


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