Oval marble floor medallion for a large living room floor

This oval marble floor medallion is a bespoke design for one of the projects we are currently working on.

Medallions can have various geometric shapes, but in this case, the oval shape was chosen for two reasons:

  • Of course, the customer’s requirements and tastes.
  • Since the medallion has a large space to cover, the oval shape is better suited.

The composition combines the color tones of two premium natural stones that, although warm, generate an excellent play of contrasts: brown and light beige.

The pieces that fill the marble oval for the floor have been arranged as if it were a checkerboard. However, the designer takes advantage of visualized the diagonals to provide dynamism to the whole composition.

Oval marble floor medallion - Medallón ovalado de mármol para el suelo

Around the group of square pieces, three bands of stone alternate between brown and light beige. These bands are responsible for forming the oval silhouette.

Other exciting options for marble floors

Marble floors can be as uniform as we want them to be but also as exuberant as our desire for color and movement demands.

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