Pedro Peña Interior Design: Recognized Excellence at the Macael Awards

The Jury of the prestigious Macael Awards has bestowed the Excellence Award upon Mr. Pedro Peña, a renowned interior designer whose remarkable career has left an indelible mark in the fields of architecture, craftsmanship, and design. This recognition has been granted in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the industry, characterized by a steadfast commitment to natural stone, which has been the distinctive essence of his projects throughout more than forty years of experience.

Pedro Peña stands as a benchmark of exclusivity, innovation, and design excellence, with his name synonymous with quality and refinement. His studio, boasting an extensive portfolio of notable projects on both national and international levels, reflects his unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability in each of his creations. His meticulous approach and passion for design have been fundamental in solidifying his position as an undisputed leader in the field of interior design.


With over four decades of experience, Pedro Peña has not only demonstrated exceptional mastery in his field but also a constant commitment to innovation and excellence. His visionary approach has positively influenced the evolution of architecture and design, and his dedication to natural stone as a fundamental material in his projects has contributed to highlighting beauty and authenticity in each one.

TINO Natural Stone takes pride in collaborating closely with a designer of Pedro Peña’s caliber, whose talent and vision have left an enduring mark on the interior design industry. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of both parties to excellence, quality, and the promotion of natural beauty through stone in projects that transcend borders. For TINO Natural Stone, it is a pleasure to be a part of this collaboration that merges Pedro Peña’s expertise with the authenticity and elegance that characterize our natural stone works.


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