Polished finish



The polished finish of marble and natural stone gives the surface of the material a high level of gloss.

The gleaming face highlights the color and properties of the stone, giving it the appearance of a mirror, capable of reflecting the environment that surrounds it.

Acabado pulido - Mármol Blanco Atenea - Atenea White marble - Polished finish
Acabado pulido de mármol y piedra natural - Natural stone and marble polished finish

The porosity of the material is reduced to a minimum, which means extra protection against external agents.

Obtaining the polished finish

The polished finish treatment of marble and natural stone is executed applying abrasive wheels to the area to be refined. A sequence of rotating discs with different granularities are in charge of providing the glossy finish.

Acabado pulido - Mármol crema - Beige marble - Polished finish

Recommended uses

In interiors, the polished finish of marble and natural stone is suitable for vertical cladding and worktops. In exteriors, it can be used in vertical coatings. However, it is not recommended using the polished finish for pavements due to the higher risk of slipping.

Acabado pulido de mármol y piedra natural

Which natural stones allow the polished finish?

Acabado pulido - Mármol Blanco Macael - Macael White marble - Polished finish

Materials such as marble or onyx enhance their beauty due to their high degree of crystallinity.

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