Polishing a marble floor respecting the stone

When customers decide to polish a marble floor, it can be for several reasons: maybe they want to change the finish in situ, or remove stains and scratches, or simply restore the lost shine.

How does the system to polish marble floors work?

The polished finish treatment on marble and natural stone is achieved by the action of grinding wheels on the area to be polished. A sequence of rotating discs with different granularity is in charge of providing the shiny finish.Polishing marble leads to a reduction of porosity of the stone. Therefore, polishing a marble floor contributes to minimizing its porosity and, consequently, increases its capacity to repel stains and the attack of external agents.

However, some of the existing techniques for polishing marble floors can be too aggressive. At Tino Stone Care, the division of TINO Natural Stone in charge of looking after the health and beauty of natural stone, we recommend the use of a system that respects the material of the floor.

How to respect the nature of marble when polishing it?

The polishing tools we have at TINO Stone Care simulate the system of polishing slabs which are used in our factory to ensure a perfect finish and a safe process.

With conventional polishing, some companies use agents which are harmful to marble, such as cement or magnesite agglomerates. In contrast, at TINO, we use diamond sponges or diamond resins.

Pulir un suelo de mármol - Polishing a marble floor

Also, there are different levels of polishing; for example, high gloss, brightness, medium gloss, honed. The polishing process consists of the gradual closing of the marble grain. The expert eye of our technicians carefully selects the correct sequence of polishing stones depending on the texture requested by the client.

If you want to know more about the method to polish a marble floor respecting the stone, please contact us.


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