This year Premium Beige becomes the most demanded natural stone in TINO

We are finishing the list of our ten most demanded products for luxury projects with the Premium Beige natural stone. The presence and identity of this material has made it worthy of the number one of the natural stones available in TINO. With barely two months to end the year we will be reviewing our sales in 2018 in order to be able to offer you a new list of the most requested materials, and therefore trends in natural stone applied by architecture and interior design firms at both national and international level.

The Premium Beige natural stone, the most requested material for high quality architecture and interior design studios, both national and international.

The beige colour of Premium Beige, accompanied by a homogeneous background, brings simplicity and purity. These characteristics make it an ideal material for both indoors or outdoors coating and also floors. Lounges, chill-out areas (porches, spa, gyms …), bathrooms and even kitchen worktops are some implementations in which this material would stand out to offer luxurious rooms.

Mármol Crema Premium piscina Marbella - Premium Beige Marble Marbella swimming pool

To give greater personality to the Premium Beige natural stone, in TINO we have the the Classic collection finishings in (if what you want is an weather look) and the polished or honed finishings.Unlike the rest of natural stones from this TOP 10 it is the only material with a beige tone. Its combination with other building, furniture and decoration elements materials is wider and will always highlight the space in which it is implemented.

The beige colour of Premium Beige allows its implementation on large surfaces to provide light.

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