Six interiors in natural stone that take your breath away

The interiors in natural stone leave nobody indifferent, but the corners that we are going to see today can take your breath away.

The intense colors, the disruptive veins, the dazzling brightness or the translucent properties are some of the characteristics that make each natural stone unique and unrepeatable.

Today we’re going to show you how we have participated in real projects, working in close collaboration with architects and interior designers.

The intense colors of natural stone

Some materials include in their composition very bright pigments through which nature shows its most untamed side.

For example, the green onyx of our collection. Known as Ónix Esmeralda, it shows beautiful jungle tones.[

Another example is yellow marble. Our Yellow Triana presents an amazing resemblance to the golden tones of bamboo.

Three main factors determine the color of minerals:

  • The chemical composition of the stone itself
  • The characteristic tone of its crystals
  • The optical properties of its elements.

When nature mixes them “with art”, truly amazing combinations emerge.

The disruptive veins of natural stone

The veins give the interiors in natural stone a greater personality. A wall with an imprint marks the style of all the space that surrounds it.

This would be the case of blue sodalite, a natural stone composed of marble lazulite, calcite and also pyrite. These last two combine elegantly with white and golden lines the intense blue of the lazulite.

Another testimonial of spectacular veins are those exhibited by our black marble Vulcano, with an elegant black base dotted with an infinity of orange stretch marks.

The dazzling brightness of natural stone

The floor of the living room that we see in the picture above consists of Premium Beige, a beige marble that, once polished, reaches a level of brightness that reflects the objects that surround it.

Some stones can achieve more gloss than others. Therefore, if we want to achieve this type of surfaces we must take into account two major factors:

  • The selection of the appropriate mineral.
  • The polishing technique used.

The translucent properties of some natural stones

Some minerals let in light. This uniqueness gives them the condition of translucency, which provides architects and interior designers infinite possibilities when projecting interiors in natural stone.

In this case, we have taken advantage of the translucent properties of white onyx, a semiprecious stone capable of generating lighting elements in which light crosses the stone.

Not two natural stones are alike: they are a safe bet for those who look for environments with personality, authenticity and genuity.

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