Split face finish



The split face finish of marble and natural stone shows the most indomitable side of the rock.

The artisan process of this treatment exposes a non-mechanized section of a block or plate, uncovering reliefs and irregularities.

Mármol escarfilado - Split-face marble
Mármol escarfilado - Crema Bianco - Split-face marble

The appearance is very similar to that of a broken or divided fragment using the natural cutting technique but with more reliefs and protuberances.

In the past, this finish was used in rustic designs. However, today, it is oftentimes the protagonist of the most avant-garde spaces.

Piedra natural escarfilada - Split-face natural stone
Obtaining the split face finish

The split face is carried out employing traditional tools that provoke the detachment of slabs and stone splinters using controlled impacts. Some instruments such as chisel, pointer or split recall the craft of stonework.

Recommended uses

The split face process is carried out for projects with a strong decorative component. It is common to see it in constructions of rural inspiration although, as we have mentioned at the beginning, it is taking more and more force in urban environments of contemporary cut.

Which natural stones allow the split face finish

Pared de mármol escarfilado - Split-face natural stone wall

This process can be applied to compact stones such as marbles and limestones as well as granites.

Mármol escarfilado - Split-face marble

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Split face
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