Stone engineering for facades

TINO Natural Stone’s engineering division for facades develops projects with high mechanical requirements. It is a valuable service for architects and facade consultants, especially in those unique projects where natural stone is taken to the extreme, looking for the most impressive results.

Our Stonesize natural stone panels in giant format, ultra-light, and extremely resistant can be made with any stone in any texture and used for facades on a scale which was unimaginable until now.

Preliminary advice

It all starts with the consulting work that we provide at TINO Natural Stone in the early stages of the project. At this point, several factors come into play:

Coleccion - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas Stonesize - Stone engineering for façades - Collection
Aesthetic variable

We can handle thousands of natural stone references, combined with dozens of different textures which will define the visual aspect.

Coleccion - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas Stonesize - Stone engineering for façades - Collection
Technical component of the material

From our samples department, real samples of the chosen stone or alternatives are sent to the client to facilitate the whole decision process.

We have decades of R&D experience in stone engineering for facades.

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We are experts when it comes to understanding the properties of stone, both in its raw state as well as regarding treatments and procedures that improve the characteristics of the stone.


TINO Natural Stone provides project renders which include the texture of the chosen stone, allowing to visualize its application on the surface in the most realistic way. The renders make it possible to demonstrate how the stone fits visually with the building’s particular architecture, something challenging to project otherwise in an isolated way and only with small samples.


Subestrutcura y anclajes - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas - Stone engineering for facades - Substructure and anchors

Once the most suitable stone, texture, and treatment have been determined for the project, the facade stone engineering department defines the ideal fixing system to shape the entire construction system. Considering the mechanical stresses that the façade receives, the system is designed and sized, ranging from fixing the stone to the metal profiles, screws, and anchors to the base material. In addition to the mechanical properties, all aspects related to the durability of the components are taken into account, particularly everything regarding preventing corrosion of the metal elements (due to the aggressive nature of the environment, galvanic torque, etc.)


Mock-ups - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas - Stone engineering for facades - Mock-ups

Outstanding projects are increasingly demanding Mock-ups, 1:1 scale samples of everything that has been defined on paper, for final approval. These mock-ups allow checking the chosen stone appearance and texture in real size, as well as the finish of every detail (miters, combined pieces) and how all the substructure components, which are needed to execute the entire façade solution, are assembled.


Equipo 360 - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas - Stone engineering for facades - 360 team

Shop Drawings, the workshop plans where the cuts are executed to the millimeter, are always coordinated from the factory. With total transparency and coordination with the project managers, they are invited to visit the factory as often as necessary to see the materials even with dry laying. This direct cooperation is also prolonged during the execution on-site, where the necessary support is given and can be extended during the facade’s life, by putting in charge TINO for the maintenance work (TINO Stone Care).


Tipologías de fachada - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas - Stone engineering for façades - Façades tipology

All the stone engineering services for previous facades are extensive to any facade. We can carry out cladding, ventilated facades, and even industrialized solutions, prefabricated or lightweight facade components (curtain walls, modular, etc.).



Stonesize - Ingeniería de piedra para fachadas - Stone engineering for façades - Stonesize

When talking about stone engineering for facades, we have to talk about Stonesize by TINO panels representing the ultimate exponent of the technification and improvement of natural stone. Stonesize allows the elaboration of extraordinary solutions with the highest mechanical demands.

Stonesize offers natural stone panels in giant formatultra-light, and of high resistance. Any stone in any texture can be used for a lightweight facade on a scale that was unimaginable until now.

Its maximum format of up to 2.9 x 1.45 m allows it to be installed manually without using auxiliary means, thanks to its weight of 20 kg/m2, as opposed to the 80 kg/m2 of traditional 3 cm cladding in small format (and much heavier with thicker giant formats).


Ensayos de fachadas - Facade Tests

Unique projects always demand the highest standards when verifying the behavior of materials and systems, not only in theory (engineering calculation) but also in practice (real-world testing).
Tino has a long history of testing all different areas of the stone itself as well as its application in facades (physical-mechanical properties of the stone, fixing behavior, fire-resistance, etc.), establishing a solid technical base to justify projects.

However, each project is the result of unique characteristics. It is difficult to repeat the same construction solution twice. Various parameters come into play in each occasion (fixing system, type of stone, texture, treatment, insulation, air chamber). For this reason, it is not unusual to carry out ad-hoc tests for specific projects, where the exact facade solution, which is going to be installed on-site, is being tested and verified.


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