Types of marble and natural stone finishes

The different types of marble and natural stone finishes contribute to the beauty of each project but also to the demands of comfort, convenience, and individuality. For example, a sandblasted finish has some unique aesthetic features, but at the same time, it provides a non-slip surface.

In this section, you will find the different types of marble and natural stone finishes, as well as their description and the advantages provided by each of them.

Pulido - Polished

The polished finish gives the surface of the marble a high level of gloss and it can highlight the color. In addition to minimizing its porosity, the surface takes on a mirror-like appearance. Go to the polished finish >

Apomazado - Honed

It provides a smooth but matt surface. Unlike the polished finish, the honed finish does not present shine, although it does present a uniform appearance and soft quality to the touch. Go to the honed finish >

Arenado - Sandblasted

The sandblasted finish is characterized by a finely dotted surface which maintains the uniformity of its texture. It has a slightly worn color and grooves. Go to the sandblasted finish >


The zero finish gives the surface of the material a slightly grainy, and matt appearance, and a slip-resistant condition. The coating highlights the color, especially in dark tones. Go to Zero Finish >

Flameado - Flamed

It gives the rock a rough, vitreous, and very natural appearance. Gentle mounds and depressions alternate by curling the surface, which becomes non-slip. Go to the flamed finish >

Escarfilado - Split face
Split face

The split-face finish exposes the reliefs and bumps of the block or slab. Its appearance is very similar to the one that would have a fragment broken by the natural cut technique. Go to the split-face finish >

Envejecido - Aged

The aged finish gives the stone a beautifully aged appearance through an entirely mechanical erosion process. TINO has developed different types of aged finishes. Visit our Classic section>

Texturas - Textures

Textures print unique patterns on the surface of the material simulating textile textures. TINO owns the patents to the technology and provides unique textures and finishes that respect the stone. Go to textures >

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