Villa Padierna Palace Hotel. Tuscan elegance in Marbella

Following the last two natural stone products from our Classic […]

Following the last two natural stone products from our Classic line that we have previously featured on the blog- Travertine Classic and Travertine Bianco- we are now presenting a project with a very distinctive style: the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in Marbella.

The Villa Padierna Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, receiving in 2012 the sixth star by the Seven Stars and Stripes organization.

This majestic hotel was built in 2003 by the architect Ed Gilbert and owns 130 rooms, including 9 villas, all surrounded by three golf courses along with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. The architect based his design on the Renaissance style, which recreates a Tuscan palace from the 18th and 19th centuries with Roman columns and heraldic coat of arms.Several of our most iconic natural stone products have been used for this special project, along with innovative from the Classic Collection: Antico, Domus and Forum.The amazing customisation of our materials to create that classic look in the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel can be seen in this gallery.[vc_images_carousel images=”5816,5817,5818,5819,5820,5821″ img_size=”700×600″ title=”Outdoors and Bathrooms”][vc_images_carousel images=”5827,5823,5828,5825,5826,5824″ img_size=”700×600″ title=”Indoors and Spa”]Travertine Classic was one of the most used materials throughout the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel for both outdoor areas and bathrooms. In addition, our Perlino White natural stone was prominently used in the area of access to the thermas of the complex. Our highly haracteristic materials Macael White, Triana Yellow and Marquina Black were also applied. All of them customized with polished and honed finishes, in addition to the existing ones in the Classic Collection.

The materials Travertine Classic, Perlino White, Triana Yellow, Macael White and Marquina Black, with the finishes offered in our Classic Collection, give each of the indoor and outdoor spaces of the hotel complex a great personality.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals if you would like to know more about this amazing project or you are interested in spending your holidays at this grand hotel. We recommend following our Pinterest and Instagram profiles to stay up to date with the latest natural stone trends in interior design and architecture.


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