Exotic marble

Exotic marble

Exotic marble shows us the most capricious face of Nature in all its splendor. The designs that use this type of material express an indisputable taste for the most hedonistic enjoyment of singular, evocative and very personal environments.

An environment covered in exotic marble awakens sensations similar to those obtained when traveling, discovering or experiencing adventures. These natural stones are works of art in themselves and imprint a strong personality to the spaces that surround them.

Fall in love with the leafy wild face of Guatemala Green and the oriental exoticism of Yellow Triana. The velvety cobalt sea of ​​the Blue Sodalite, the impetuous veins of Red Revolution or the pleasant leathery nuance of Oasis Brown are samples of the extent to which Nature can trap us with its dazzling beauty.

Within this group we find the onyx, belonging to the family of agates. Orange Onyx surprises us with its freshness and dynamism, White Onyx with its imposing diaphaneity and Green Onyx with its tonal richness. These three stones have the power of translucency, being perfect for the design of backlit elements.


Exotic marble includes a set of jewel stones capable of providing walls and floors that never leave anyone indifferent. You can also decorate countertops in bathrooms or kitchens.

Bañeras de mármol - Oasis Brown - Marble bathtub

Mármol azul Sodalita - Blue marble Sodalite


TINO Natural Stone is the world’s leading marble supplier for bespoke projects with marble or natural stone. Prior to the installation of any type of exotic marble, TINO’s team of professionals assesses the type and intensity of use of each surface to apply the best possible finish and increase the resilience.