Flamed Finish



The flamed finish of marble and natural stone gives the rock a rough, vitreous and very natural appearance.

The stone acquires a rough aspect in which soft mounds and depressions alternate and curl the surface providing an elegant anti-slippery treatment.

Fachada de mármol flameado - Flamed marble façade
Acabado flameado - flamed finish
Suelo de piedra en acabado flameado - Flamed finish floor

Obtaining the flamed finish

El proceso conlleva una modificación de las propiedades de la superficie mediante la aplicación directa de una llama. Al someter la piedra a altas temperaturas, su capa exterior explota y se torna áspera y ondulada.

Para ello se utilizan sopletes de oxipropano inclinados a 45° que alcanzan entre 2500 °C y 2800 °C y que son capaces de provocar el desprendimiento de numerosas esquirlas de la superficie.

Recommended uses

Acabado flameado antideslizante - Piscina - Pool - Anti-slip flamed finish

The rough and vitreous texture that the material adopts thanks to this treatment makes it a perfect candidate for outdoor coatings. The rock acquires non-slip properties and is very resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Which natural stones allow the flamed finish?

It is normally used on igneous rocks such as granite and, occasionally, on some limestone stones which, due to their composition, are extremely hard.

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