Beige marble

Beige marble

Beige marble is an excellent ally when it comes to dressing rooms that, require a point of warmth and clarity.

Private spaces dedicated to comfort, health, personal care or leisure choose beige marble as the champion of good taste, practicality, and quality, making it possible to achieve any type of experience you want to imprint.

The tonal variety of beige marble is rich and versatile, a safe bet in any architectural space. The sharpness and sensitivity of Premium Beige or the Venetian style of Boticcino, achieve distinguished and traditional environments easy to inhabit.

The ability to blend in with Pangea Beige and the remote reminiscences of Moscato Beige evoke, like no other natural stone, the essence of Mediterranean culture.


Sand marble enhances all types of projects. It is capable of enhancing the beauty of indoor and outdoor walls and floors. It also shines with its own light in the bathroom or as kitchen countertops.

Cocina de mármol crema - beige marble kitchen - Marbella

Travertino en exteriores - Outdoor travertine

Customizable sizes


Thickness: 2cm – Maximum size: 240x140cm.


Lightweight and resistant Stonesize panels starting from 10 mm thickness and a maximum size of 290 x 145 cm.


TINO Natural Stone is the world’s leading marble supplier for bespoke projects with marble or natural stone. Prior to the installation of any type of beige marble, TINO’s team of professionals assesses the type and intensity of use of each surface to apply the best possible finish and increase the resilience. Visit our textures and finishes section >