Marble kitchen

Marble kitchen is a versatile, practical and attractive option, and not only for the work area, such as countertops but also for wall and floor coverings.

Marble kitchens always transmit a taste for the timeless, the natural and practical but also suppose an added aesthetic value that translates into an economic revaluation in any type of project, something to be taken into account when designing the kitchen if you are looking for singularity. Let’s see some examples:

Kafé Natura marble kitchen

This kitchen made with our particular stone Kafé Natura plays with different formats, 60×30 and mosaic mesh on the walls, and 60×60 on the pavement; Combined with its characteristic chocolate-toned veining, it creates a harmonious contemporary style with a masculine touch.

This type of coverings in dark tones combines perfectly with the furniture in soft tones and steel or metallic elements.

Grey Osiris limestone kitchen

Ocher and grey triumph in this beautiful kitchen belonging to a Marbella luxury villa.

TINO Natural Stone was the natural stone supplier of the project, with the Grey Osiris limestone taking center stage. A stone with a diffuse base of taupe tones in which the white of the fossils stands out in a unique way, providing warmth. The design is completed with furniture of contemporary lines in neutral colors, such as pearly grays, and very current metallic elements.

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Kafé Natura marble Kitchen II

The designer of this kitchen chose a very successful combination in which a modern style stone such as the Kafé is put in contrast with a timeless stone in cream tones with golden touches. This chromatic game was transferred to the concept of furniture where the central piece is the central island crowned by a worktop made also by our Kafé stone from the Natura collection, very practical tones and textures for work areas and everyday use.

The photograph on the left shows how you can achieve the same color effect in a bathroom area.

Travertine kitchen

The above image shows an interesting proposal if what we are looking for is a cozy kitchen with a homey touch but at the same time modern.

The designer has selected Iberian Travertine of toasted and warm tones for the floors, Kafé stone for the countertop and has combined it with wood, introducing another traditional raw material par excellence.

As we can see, this kitchen is part of an integral interior design project in which travertine is the main protagonist and acts as the guiding principle of the design giving coherence to the whole space.

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Cream marble kitchen

Amplitude, luminosity and good taste come together in this dream kitchen.

TINO Natural Stone was the marble supplier of the project, providing Crema Bianco marble for the floor and Travertine for the countertop.

Taking advantage of the clarity of the natural stone materials and the light that goes through the large windows, the designer risked and succeeded masterfully with an exclusive wenge furniture.

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Rustic marble kitchen

Finally, and for those who love traditional kitchens in which the home elements stand out, we visit this kitchen in a villa located in Boca Ratón (Florida).

The floor was covered with a classic matching combination of Parador Cream marble and Alicante Red marble.

Following the warm and clayey tones, the countertop was made with Alicante Red in a textured and with a design that brings us closer to the most traditional works of the marble workshops, with rounded moldings of “chest dove” style.

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