Seven marble indoor pools that are a marvel

The marble indoor pools contribute to the well-being of the body and mind. Many luxury hotels choose this material because of its great beauty and its ability to cover in an elegant way the spaces for relaxation and health.

Architects and interior designers decide to apply natural stone in this type of environment because of its ability to convey sensations. The touch of the stone, the softness of some and the roughness of others, connect with nature, filling the spaces with freshness and lightness.

The tradition in marble indoor pools

Although they are a trend today, marble pools are not new. Many Roman baths included this type of flooring and wall cladding for the use and enjoyment of their visitors.

The Diocletian Baths (305 AD) were built with bricks in order to later clad marble inside.

The Caracalla Baths (217 AD) also incorporated marble elements, especially in terms of function (bathtubs) and decoration (sculptures).

Indoor swimming pool in Blanco Macael marble at the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel

This hotel is a palace inspired by the Italian Toscana constructions. It is ranked among the six best hotels in Europe by the International Hotel Awards.

TINO Natural Stone participated with a variety of high-quality natural stone coverings throughout the complex. No wonder it is considered a hotel-museum.

The walls of the pool have a beautiful combination of different marble cladding forming soft water waves. The materials that produce them are the Blanco Macael marble and the Perlino White marble.

On the floor, we see the same succession of waves but this time a third component is involved: the Negro Marquina marble. This is one of the great examples of marble indoor pools.

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Indoor marble swimming pool Calacatta at the Villa IV in Marbella

From the curved lines of the previous example, we move on to more rectilinear shapes. Even the marble veins of the walls are linear and angular in shape.

As we can see, it is a clear case of modern reinterpretation of indoor marble pools.

This pool of minimalist lines features large panels of Calacatta marble that TINO provided for its cladding. The only ornament that breaks the prevailing white of the environment is the rich light grey veins alternating with occasional amber onyx stripes.

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Indoor swimming pool in Caliza Luna limestone at the Ritz Hotel – Carlton Moscow

From the total white look, we move on to one of the most sophisticated indoor pools. In this case, the designer wanted to play with the lights, accessories, and materials to create a different indoor pool.

The Wengue furniture, the black fireplace, the golden flame and the green ceiling lights needed an elegant floor in a warm color. In order for it to fit into the whole, a light and uniform shade were chosen. TINO provided the Caliza Luna limestone for this purpose.

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Indoor swimming pool in White Iceberg marble at the Ibiza Gran Hotel

From the explosion of colors of the previous pool, we traveled to the Pitiusas Islands and submerged ourselves in a pure white of essential lines. Ibiza is a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea in which the clarity of the sky and the water fills the island’s daily life.

This is represented by the indoor swimming pool of the Ibiza Gran Hotel Spa. The light that filters through the windows is magnified by reflecting off the white natural stone pavement.

TINO Natural Stone participated in the creation of this elegant swimming pool with Iceberg White, a snow-white, dazzling marble.

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Indoor swimming pool in Osiris Grey stone at the BVLGARI Hotel in London

This hotel is an emblematic symbol of distinction in London. Next, we will see how they have chosen to differentiate themselves from the rest through a very particular selection of materials.

TINO provided an exclusive Osiris Grey coating for the flooring and part of the walls. It is a beautiful stone with fossils inside.

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Indoor marble swimming pool at the Barceló Sancti Petri Hotel

This hotel has a beautiful Spa where not only the floors are covered with marble. The columns also feature the renowned Macael White marble.

This marble of Andalusian origin can be found in places as fascinating as the Alhambra palace complex in Granada. It is not surprising that architects and interior designers want to include it in their most ambitious projects.

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Marble indoor swimming pool of Villa Marbella III

TINO participated in the pool of this magnificent house providing Crema Bianco marble for the floors.

As spectacular as it is like a swimming pool, this space is part of a single-family house. And this is precisely what the designer has been able to represent with Crema Bianco: an environment of luxury but that does not renounce the warmth of home.

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Trust in marble indoor pools.


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