Five advantages of marble cladding

Today we are going to discover the reasons why marble cladding is the most tangible value option for your home or business.

A fruit of nature

Marble is a beautiful natural stone created via metamorphic processes of sedimentary rocks. The presence of minerals such as silt, sand, clay, mica, graphite, magnesium silicates or iron oxides, among others, will influence its final color.

There are many varieties of marbles. In our post Types of marble, it is possible to get an idea of the variety of tonalities that the marble can show. Likewise, nature capriciously prints a different pattern of veins in each of. In addition, there are many different typologies of veins such as veined, arborescent, breccia, brocatelle, and fossiliferous.

Marble cladding and its finishes

There is a marble cladding for every room and decorative style. Thanks to the different types of marble finishes, we can prepare any surface with a finish adapted the use it will be given.

There are finishes such as sandblasted or flamed that are non-slip and ideal for exteriors. Honed or polished finishes, where the porosity is being reduced to the minimum expression, have a fine and very smooth surface. Depending on design requirements, we can also use the aged finishes or the textures for marble and natural stone.

Marble as a symbol of prestige and quality

Marble has represented excellence since time immemorial. It is not by chance that the buildings of the Acropolis of Athens, the Roman Coliseum, Michelangelo’s David or the Taj Mahal are made of marble. That which man has wanted to ennoble, he has covered with marble.

Today, architects and interior designers apply marble cladding to luxury villas, premium hotels or institutional buildings or buildings seeking distinction.

Increasing the market value of the property

Marble is a stone which is very appreciated for its resistance, for its ability to reflect light and because it does not lose its beauty over time. It increases the value of the property due to its characteristic combination of the beautiful, the natural, and the imperishable.

Moreover, in the event of damage or bad condition of the stone due to improper use or an accident, it is possible to carry out a large number of, restorations, or renovations on-site without the need for relocation. For this reason, it is an excellent decision to cover new spaces with this material as well as to recover the marble from those spaces that are being remodeled.

What to cover?

This natural stone is so versatile that it works in both exteriors and interiors.

In exteriors, there are spectacular ventilated facades, delivering significant energetic saving and optimal thermal isolation to the building. We can also cover the terrace, garden areas, swimming pool, etc.

In interiors, marble fits perfectly to walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, worktops, stairs, fireplaces, and an endless number of spaces and elements.

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