Atenea White standing out as natural stone on the second place of the TOP 10 most demanded products in TINO

Whiteness purity remains year after year as a fashionable colour […]

Whiteness purity remains year after year as a fashionable colour in the field of architecture, design or interior design. Atenea White is indeed the second most demanded product for architectural and interior design firms.This product has great versatility to be implemented in various styles of interior design. It combines perfectly with other materials such as wood or metal and furniture with warm or cold shades.

White remains fashionable for architects, designers and interior designers. That is why Atenea White attractive natural stone tone is placed on the second place of our TOP 10.

Atenea White natural stone, creamy white with the subtlety of its grey streaks is indicated to be implemented in indoors, outdoors and floorings. It may be best its application in bathrooms, worktops, showers, toilets, chill-out and relaxation stays.[vc_images_carousel images=”4474,4473,3768,4470,4472″ img_size=”650×500″]Certainly, the clear tones- as in this case the Atenea White -add luminosity to the areas in which it is implemented so it is suitable for small stays where it is desired to create an airy effect.

Purity and serenity are other features offered by this product alike to what Iceberg White natural stone transmits (which is in the fourth place of our TOP 10).

From TINO we customise this material with polished or honed finishings and Forum, Domus or Antico textures of the Classic Collection. Ask information to our professional team for the possibilities natural stone bespoke design we can offer to you.You can find the inspiration you need at our Instagram and Pinterest official account for your projects creation with natural stone. You also have a professional area available where you can find the sector trends and download our products in BIM format (from the BIMobject portal).


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