Black limestone in interiors

The use of black limestone in interiors is a statement of intent in terms of chromatic intensity.

Black limestone competes in expressivity, force, and elegance with the black marbles, being able to dress the most exclusive environments. Additionally, it is currently a trend in interior architecture, especially for those projects that seek differentiation through exoticism.

Ebano Black, African charm made stone

Ebano Black is a high-end black limestone that is also called “the stone of a thousand faces.” The reason for this name is because of the amount and variety of structural and chromatic movement it contains, even within the same block and table.

It is a fine-grained fossil rock. Its dark base mixes blacks and greys and presents pinkish and reddish areas in the form of clouds. It also has some white streaks of different thicknesses. It has a homogeneous structure, and its main component is calcite. In a small percentage, Ebony Black is also composed of quartz and dolomite.

Why Ebony?

This unique natural stone reminds us of ebony wood for its elegant black tone which gives it a tribal and exotic touch. Already in the time of Imperial Egypt, ebony wood enjoyed great celebrity and was imported for its high quality.

Ebony is a highly dense wood that sinks into the water and its color is one of the most intense blacks known. The Ebano Black limestone from the TINO Natural Stone collection conveys the same sensations and adds the characteristics of a luxury stone.

Ebano Black limestone floor

In the image above we see an Ebano Black floor in Forum finish. In the snapshot, we can see the variety of structural and chromatic movement we referred to at the beginning of the post.

The slightly rounded edges of the Forum finish provide volume and a very interesting chiaroscuro in large surfaces. The variety of nuances and tonalities typical of this limestone enhances the rest of the elements.

Highlighted wall in Ebony Black

Outstanding natural stone walls beautify any space giving it personality. In the image above we see an outstanding wall in Ebony Black that adds a touch of exoticism to the indoor swimming pool of a luxury villa.

A game of contrasts in the hall of the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel

The hotel Villa Padierna Palace in Marbella is one of the flagships of luxury hospitality on the Costa del Sol. The designer in charge of interiors and exteriors trusted TINO Natural Stone for all the natural stone cladding of the complex.

In the image above we see a detail of the hall, in which two exceptional limestone stones were combined: Ebano Black and Bianco Perlino. Together they form a delicate play of contrasts that leave no one indifferent.

It is worth mentioning the excellent fine work that both, the on-site installer and the TINO factory team in Macael had to carry out for the final result to reach this level of perfection.

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