Interview with Antonio Benjumea, CEO at Benjumea Arquitectos

BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS is a multidisciplinary team based in Sotogrande of architects, technical architects, and engineers dedicated to carrying out all types of projects. However, they are specialized in luxury villa projects.

One of the main pillars of BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS is experience and quality. This family studio began its journey in 1973 by Manuel Benjumea, currently in charge is the second generation, architect Antonio Benjumea, whom we have the pleasure to interview today.[

Benjumea Arquitectos

+ On your website, you emphasize how at BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS, you put the focus on all parameters. Could you explain what you mean?

From the outline of the first line of a project, the BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS team takes into consideration all the parameters (costs, design, views, orientation, sunlight, energy saving, environment…) involved in the good design of the building without sacrificing aesthetics and prioritizing functionality and client satisfaction, making use of experience and latest technology.

+ The environment and sunlight occupy a prominent place on your website. Why is it so important to take these factors into account?

We study the location of the building on the plot taking into account the orientation of the sun, and we provide the facility with sun protection elements that are integrated into the design. With this, we reduce the air conditioning load in summer. At the same time, in winter, we reduce the heating load, all in a natural way, achieving considerable energy savings while contributing to environmental sustainability. From the first phase of the design, we establish the criteria for obtaining the best possible EEC Energy Efficiency Certificate; at the developer’s request, we also carry out BREEAM® and PASSIVHAUS certifications.

Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

+ What are your flagship projects? Could you give us an example?

One of our most emblematic project is the house in Sotogrande Costa in Paseo del Parque 123, which we have done with Tino.

Other outstanding villas, besides those in Sotogrande, we have done in San Roque Club and in La Alcaidesa.

Another outstanding villa is SRC 71 in San Roque Club. It represents the evolution of the contemporary rationalist architecture with which I started the first years towards a more modern architecture reminiscent of traditional Andalusian architecture.

Villa San Roque Club 71.

+ What project or projects are you currently working on?

We are currently working on 11 projects, most of them are villas, all are in the area of Sotogrande, San Roque Club and Alcaidesa, and we are keeping our style to maintain our seal.

Lately, we have been working a lot in this area. It surprises us a little because we also did projects in Estepona and Marbella before, but our clients are pulling more towards this area.

Villa Alcaidesa RE1 P10.

Villa Alcaidesa RE1 P10.

+ Could you tell us about a project in which you have worked with TINO Natural Stone?

As I said before, one of the most emblematic projects we have done with you, the house in Sotogrande Costa in Paseo del Parque 123, where we used Crema Premium for the floor. It is a villa of 1,100 m2 in the best area of Sotogrande, in it, we have reflected all our knowledge and design advances acquired during the last years. It is one of the houses we are most proud of.

Benjumea Arquitectos - Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

+ Why do you use natural stone in your projects?

Natural materials are always natural and never go out of fashion: marble, wood, slate. they are like that now, a thousand years ago, and they will still be like that in 50 years; they are timeless materials.

Whereas ceramic, porcelain or any other material that has been manufactured responds to a specific fashion and is more affected by the passage of time.

Whenever I visit a house in Sotogrande from the ’60s with natural materials, when you enter the house or the bathrooms, although you can see its age, in most of the cases they seem current if it were not for the faucets or toilets, however, when you enter a house of the same age and it has clay or tiles, it seems very old!

Benjumea Arquitectos - Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

Benjumea Arquitectos – Villa Sotogrande costa, Paseo del Parque 123.

+ Finally, why do you trust TINO Natural Stone?

TINO Natural Stone is an essential partner in our projects. You always help us in the whole process of project and construction: from the correct choice of materials among the great variety of natural stones that you have, through the great work done in the workshop, the selection of the material by rooms and the treatments that you apply to ensure durability in perfect conditions.

Having a company with your proficiency as part of our work team, we gain in our peace of mind and that of our customers.



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