Marble in Madrid in luxury projects

The use of marble in Madrid has strong traditional roots that go back to the distant past. From then until today, marble has been used for luxury interior design projects and for emblematic buildings, both public and private. Just walking through Madrid we can appreciate many references on facades of buildings belonging to various historical stages, exterior pavements, portals of elegant buildings and urban elements such as sculptures or furniture. Marble is part of Madrid’s urban and artistic identity.

We are currently experiencing a sharp expansion of the incorporation of natural stone in luxury homes and other buildings such as exclusive hotels or corporate headquarters who are seeking differentiation.

In the following paragraphs, we will make a brief tour analyzing some marble projects in Madrid in which TINO Natural Stone participated.

Marble in Madrid: Meliá Palacio de los Duques

This magnificent hotel selected TINO Natural Stone as the marble supplier in Madrid for the procurement and installation of white marble and black marble in relevant elements of the building.

The natural stone was placed in the restaurant, the bar, the lounge, the interiors and the hall.

In the image above we see a section of the reception desk, made with Atenea White marble. Its luminous white base is furrowed by subtle gray streaks.

Atenea White also elegantly dresses the presentation tables of the buffet in the restaurant. The sharpness and neatness of the marble are complemented by the wood paneling on the walls.

In this image, we can appreciate in detail the beauty of this material and the level of finishes that TINO Natural Stone is able to offer.

For the countertops of the bar, the designer chose the exclusive Portoro, one of the most expensive black marbles in the world, and best suited to represent the aesthetic aspirations of this room paying homage to the Spanish Golden Age with the reproduction of the Surrender of Breda by Velázquez. The marble, illuminated in a very successful way, contributes to reinforcing the quality of the rest of the materials of the surrounding space.

The dark black base of the Portoro is adorned by white, golden and even orange streaks. Elegance and sophistication that surprise for their ability to evoke the Baroque but without ornamental overload.

Marble in Madrid: a luxury house in La Moraleja

We leave the hospitality sector to visit a residential marble project in Madrid.

It is a nice detached house in La Moraleja. TINO Natural Stone applied natural stone in the kitchen, the living room, the bathrooms, interiors, and exteriors.

The image above shows the ventilated façade of Royal Travertine in a sandblasted finish that covers all the exterior walls of the villa.

The Royal Travertine embellishes with a very sober and natural concept the soil of the garden area. In the photographs, you can see the beautiful hollows of the stone, enhanced by the sandblasted finish.

We enter the house and verify that the designer has continued opting for the Royal Travertine, as a thread, for the interior walls. As we can appreciate, the game of different sizes of the marble slabs provides movement while maintaining refined lines.

In the kitchen, with contemporary lines and a marked taste for steel elements, TINO Natural Stone applied a basalt worktop with a COTTON finish.

The bathrooms were covered with a nice tan marble called Kafe which belongs to the Natura collection of TINO Natural Stone.

Marble in Madrid: Real Café Bernabéu

The Real Café Bernabéu is a restaurant located inside the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, right in the financial center of Madrid.

The establishment has two floors. The restaurant is located on the lower floor and on the first floor there is a bar with an 80-meter glass wall from where the guests enjoy spectacular views of the playing field.

Its modern decoration includes materials from our Natura range, such as the Wengue, a very unique sandstone that reminds us of the aesthetics and warmth of wood but with all the advantages and resistance of natural stone. In this collection our R + D + I department has managed to improve the finish and physical characteristics of this stone making it suitable for any type of use, both public and private.

TINO Natural Stone also applied Kafe and Crema Bianco in the bathrooms. t The beautiful totem sculptural washbasins made in Macael White marble are the highlight of the bathroom.

Marble in Madrid: Torre de Cristal in the Pº de la Castellana

The emblematic skyscraper designed by the architect César Pelli is projected towards the celestial vault as if it was a glass sculpture. It is the tallest building in Spain, the fourth in the European Union and 13th in Europe.

In the same way that the designer wanted to make a connection with nature installing a garden at the rooftop he opted for the use of natural stone for unique areas of the complex.

It has been one of our most outstanding projects. As a marble supplier in Madrid, TINO Natural Stone applied Intense Black Granite in different textures, polished Calacatta, Macael White and Gray Granite in the interiors and bathrooms of the Torre de Cristal.

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