Marble stairs

Beyond its practicality, marble stairs radiate sophistication no matter where they are located.

We find them in luxury residences, hotels, shopping centers, museums, and theaters. Marble stairs cannot be missing in any design that has good taste as a priority.

Marble is a natural stone, noble, firm, and in a certain way, traditional. For this reason, although we see it both in classic stairs and modern lines, it brings an unmatched aesthetic force. Let’s see some examples.

Caliza Luna Staircase

In this staircase, TINO Natural Stone participated with Caliza Luna limestone. It is a uniform material, unblemished and very elegant.

The designer has been able to enhance the white walls, stairs, and floors by placing furniture and dark brown decorative element in contrast. It creates a beautiful game of contrasts.

Crema Bianco marble stairs

Through a classic style for both, the finish of its steps and the type of handrail, this staircase is located in the Hotel IPV Palace. As a marble supplier in Fuengirola, TINO Natural Stone provided Crema Bianco marble for the staircase and pavement.

Perlino White marble staircase

With a spongy COTTON finish, this staircase is located in the Meliá Sancti Petri Hotel.

The light emanating from the lower part of its stairs gives it a fascinating aesthetic while at the same time providing the practicality of lighting.

As a marble supplier in Cádiz, TINO Natural Stone was responsible for the supply and finishing of the hotel’s natural stone elements. The stairs are made out of Perlino White marble.

Travertine exterior staircase

We now move to the luxury residential sector to admire this beautiful Travertine staircase. Its sand tones provide a warmth especially suitable for the entrance porch to the villa.

TINO Natural Stone was selected as a marble supplier in Marbella providing Travertine Olivillo marble for this magnificent staircase.

Stairs of the Hotel Villa Padierna Palace

Perlino White is again the protagonist of these first-class and comfortable stairs.

They belong to one of the most exclusive hotels in Europe, the Villa Padierna Palace in Marbella. A beautiful building inspired by the palaces of Tuscany in which its designer did not hesitate to use “aged” finishes to give a more classical look to the whole space.

Minimalist marble stair

We are facing a design that we do not usually see when it comes to marble stairs. We can see a spiral staircase that has eliminated any ornaments and has only kept the essentials. An exercise of minimalism and beauty enhanced by natural stone.

As a marble supplier in Madrid, La Moraleja, TINO Natural Stone provided Royal Travertine for the staircase of this magnificent villa in an exclusive residential complex.

Travertine Bianco stairs

Finally, we finish our tour with this spectacular staircase also in Madrid, La Moraleja. The almost floating steps acquire an aspect of unusual lightness for a material with the strength of Travertine Bianco. A challenge for the designer, who has managed to perfectly combine colors and materials to obtain a nimble design full of personality.

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