Pinterest for architecture and interior design professionals

As one of our goals is to facilitate the work […]

As one of our goals is to facilitate the work of our collaborators and professionals of architecture and interior design, we have considered to be advantageous to elaborate an entry where the use and possibilities for the sector of the social network Pinterest will be explained.

Pinterest as a working and inspiration tool for architects and interior designers.

From TINO Natural Stone we regard Pinterest as a key tool within the online strategy of our brand, along with its functionality for our professional activity. This visual social network allows us to observe and analyse images, videos or infographics that we can keep on boards. You can find inspiration boards for projects on our profile in which natural stone, products and company news are implemented all at a glance.[vc_single_image image=”5872″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]Therefore, how should whether an architect or interior designer use this social network? Here are several guidelines to make the most of this social network:

Complete your profile by explaining who you are and what you do. Personal brand is very important for professionals. Therefore, include your website if you have one.

Create boards of your profile having in mind helping your customers to understand your style and working method.

Appoint to every board clearly -making your style clear-. For instance, by designating each board with the different rooms of a house (garden, bathroom, kitchen, living room) or with different styles, materials, patterns or shades.

Include your projects on a single board (in case you are starting and have a short portfolio) or create as many boards as types or styles of projects you may have.

Directly share your projects from these platforms if you have whether a web or portfolio within a specific community. Thereby, you will be linking the shared content to your web or profile, generating positioning and providing information to that user who is interested in your pin.

Look up your suppliers and collaborators, follow them and set up an interaction (share content of your profile, comment, etc.).

With these initial guidelines you should account this social network as an extra working tool. You can show your Pinterest profile at meetings with your clients to inspire, guide and reinforce your ideas.

Use Pinterest for inspiration for your projects, keeping up with trends or as a working tool with your customers.

Do not hesitate to visit our Pinterest profile to discover how to implement our products in those projects to be carried out.


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