Technical aspects for the selection of natural stone floors

When we consider installing a natural stone floor in a project we must pay attention to two significant aspects:

  • Everything related to aesthetics, tastes, and design requirements.
  • The type of use we are going to give to the pavement.

In this post, we are going to focus on the second point because this is where we have to take into account those technical aspects for the selection of natural stone floors.

Main technical properties when evaluating possible stone floors

Abrasion resistance

If the traffic (pedestrian or of any kind) is going to be very high, we should use materials with high resistance to abrasion. This is particularly important in public installations with heavy traffic. In private homes and projects with little traffic, this factor will not be important.

The grey granite floor at Málaga Airport is an excellent example of selecting a natural stone pavement with a high degree of abrasion resistance.

Another illustrative case in which TINO Natural Stone has also participated is the floor of the lobby of the Serrano Palace Hotel, covered with Macael White.

Flexural strength

This factor is essential when there are high loads of weight on the ground (vehicles, cleaning or transport trolleys…). Again, for domestic use, it will be of little importance.

The black granite floor of the Torre de Cristal in Madrid represents a selection based on the flexural strength. This material is one of the most resistant natural stones in the world.Another example is the Grey Navy limestone floor at Gibraltar Airport.

Absorption level

In applications where moisture is possible, materials with low absorption should be used to avoid long-term damage. Waterproofing the layers of the installation underneath the flooring is a crucial procedure prior to the installation of the floor. If there is the possibility of staining due to heavy useage it is also recommended to use materials with low absorption.

The Centro Cultural Caja Granada has a large part of its floor uncovered, and the Macael White marble was used for its cladding.

In the residential sector, this factor is also very important. For example, TINO installed Premium Beige marble on the terrace of this Mallorcan villa.

R&D to improve natural stone floors

Taking into account all those technical aspects for the selection of natural stone floors, the R&D department of TINO Natural Stone has worked hard to improve its properties. Our laboratories have developed specific solutions to provide high resistance to bending of stone materials with low thickness and therefore, low weight, thus allowing to combine the desired aesthetics with the required properties.

On the other hand, with TINO Stone Care, we are able to improve the properties of absorption and stain resistance considerably.

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