TINO Natural Stone’s TOP 10 most demanded products

From TINO Natural Stone we show you the new trends in natural stone that are being used in the best architectural and interior design firms all over the world. Our products in natural stone are part of the construction materials for hotel buildings, businesses and luxury villas on the international market.We believe it is important for our customers to know which of our products are the most demanded by top line interior design studios like HBA, KCA or Wimberly Interiors.For this reason, here are the TOP 10 most popular products from our natural stone collection:

All these marbles have been classified by tone, marbling and by the responsiveness to texture changes We stock a range from whites, creams, greys and blacks going through some exotic and travertine of lighter and darker colours.

You can visit our collection for further details regarding each of these products.

In upcoming posts, we will go deeper into each of the 10 selected products to present the characteristics, uses and potential of these natural stones. From the new TINO Natural Stone our goal will be to provide newsworthy content in natural stone.All products in our collection come from all parts of the world, as we are present in more than 50 countries, being world leaders in geographic location and quarrying of natural stone, offering a high production capacity to the demand of our clients.

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