White marble surfaces

Superficies de mármol blanco

White marble surfaces provide luminosity, class and great versatility with regards to tones and finishes.

So when we talk about white marble, we don’t necessarily have to think about chromatic uniformity.

We already mentioned Coco Chanel in the post “Black marble for luxury interiors” for its clairvoyance in presenting black as a symbol of elegance.

Now, to illustrate how each piece of marble is unique and unrepeatable, we turn once again to the greatest genius in haute couture design in history.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

The diversity of marbles of the Planet whose base color is white is very varied. Each piece of stone has an unparalleled uniqueness. Its appearance may change depending on its type, its location in the quarry, the country or the continent in which it is located.

Therefore, although the white background is a common denominator, between them, we can observe from subtle to pronounced differences. White marble surfaces can be dotted with an infinity of shades, veins, colors, and forms of the most capricious ways, giving us unique and unrepeatable pieces.

From one table to another we can observe this variation and richness, even if the stone is belonging to the same block.

TINO Natural Stone has participated in a large number of projects in which white marble surfaces were a key element. Let’s have a look some examples.

Atenea White marble surfaces at Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques Hotel

Atenea White is a white dolomite marble. It has a subtle creamy white base subtly marked by soft grey streaks.

TINO used it to dress the buffets of the exclusive Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques, in Madrid.

On these lines another detail of the work done at the Meliá Palacio de los Duques. In this case, the singularity and differentiation are defined by the movement of the veins and a polished finish.

A surface of Blanco Macael in Villa Padierna Thermas de Carratraca

We went from the straight and refined lines of the previous example to a Provencal style that highlights the organic forms.

A worktop in Macael White marble merges with the whole, reinforcing its traditional nuances.

White Iceberg marble worktop polished

Purified finishes and details are full of sobriety and functionality and contrast with the sophistication of the unrivaled Iceberg White. This beautiful natural stone is a dolomitic white marble with polar and translucent white background with light crystalline veins and yellow touches that provide a pearly sensation.

Pearl White surface in COTTON finish

The particular rough texture of the surface is due to the COTTON finish, in which the stone is flamed and then a light brushing that softens the ridges is applied which creates a soft and delicate texture.

The result is a luminous bath of soft lines capable of caressing our senses.

Marble surface White Nebula honed

We finished our tour in this total white look bathroom. For the set to be both enveloping and lightweight, the designer chose to cover most of the elements of the room with Nebula White. It is a white dolomite marble that presents some veins of greyish lines with violet touches.

In this other image, we see how they have opted for niches of pure lines in natural stone to achieve greater functionality and aesthetic sobriety.

Next, we show you some of the stones of the white collection of TINO Natural Stone:[vc_masonry_grid post_type=”projects” max_items=”100″ style=”lazy” gap=”25″ orderby=”rand” item=”masonryGrid_OverlayWithRotation” grid_id=”vc_gid:1541775616450-ea8befcc-80ad-9″ taxonomies=”217″]You may also interest:

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