Marble showers, the bathroom paradise

Marble showers are the result of changes in the current lifestyle, new trends in design and the preference of natural materials by consumers.

Although we also see rising popularity of marble bathtubs, marble showers are generating the most significant demand in the market.

There are several reasons for this trend:

Marble is a 100% natural material highly valued in rooms intended for well-being.

Its versatility of colors and textures, including anti-slip, allow it to fit in any style.

Marble achieves an aesthetic and chromatic continuity of the bathroom floor with the shower area.

It provides tangible value to the building.

The use of showers is overwhelmingly superior to the use of bathtubs.

TINO Natural Stone has participated in the shower coating of both residential and hotel projects. Let’s see some examples.

CL Royal Cream marble shower

The designer of this magnificent marble shower has played with different finishes:

Polished for countertop and main cladding;

Quadro with a matt appearance inside the water area, with slightly rounded edges, creating volume contrasts and presenting a smaller format. In this way, it has been possible to differentiate between both spaces.

The selected stone has been CL Royal Cream, with fine veins and tones ranging from beige to pink, providing luminosity and timelessness.

Marble shower Saint Laurent

This bath is made out of a combination of two different stone materials, both 100% natural. For the shower, a type of copper black marble, very appreciated and present in luxury projects called Saint Laurent, has been used. Atenea White marble has been used for the rest of the room.

Marble shower trays

Neo Kafé from the NATURA collection by TINO Natural Stone is the only protagonist of this beautiful shower. NATURA collection includes a series of stones that, due to their veins and type of cut, acquire an appearance very similar to wood.

This type of meshes of small tiles is always a success in aquatic spaces. Applying them in interior design projects with water areas has been a resource widely used over time to cover spas.

Oasis Brown marble shower

Oasis Brown is a marble that has a beautiful base in leather tones dotted with white and slightly pink streaks.

The designer combined this natural stone with another of equal beauty in countertops and lavatory wall; it is the Travertine Classic.

The combination of both materials is perfect when it comes to offering a warm, clean and natural environment.

Iceberg White Shower

Until now we have seen marble showers that take aesthetic advantage of the original drawing of the stone. In this case, however, the designer has opted for the use of one of the most uniform white, snowy and luminous marble that exists. We are talking about the Thassos White marble, sobriety, and good taste are assured with this material.

Gray Shower Osiris

The covering material for the shower and wall is Osiris Grey, a highly appreciated natural stone. Its gray base with ocher touches brings a tonality of taupe tones very appreciated in interior design projects. The highlight of the marble is the presence of very visible and characteristic fossils that refer us to the shells of mollusks. This capricious combination manages to provide a space with an unparalleled uniqueness.

Travertine shower

We finish our tour with another Travertine Classic shower. A classic, timeless and comfortable alternative where the hollows of the stone bring personality to the space.

For the wall, TINO Natural Stone has applied pieces in a polished finish and large format where the joint between sections disappears. For the pavement, placed at ground level and floating, there are rectangular forms of a smaller size set to lock, whose joint slightly separated, allows the hidden drain under the floor.

The finishing of this area is sandblasted to avoid slipping problems. As you can see, the tone becomes clearer. This color is the result of the mechanical surface treatment made to the stone. The original beige of the stone lowers some tones. It is something to take into account especially in dark-colored marbles.

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