Marble bathtubs

Marble bathtubs are one of the most appreciated spaces in our homes. Associated with a special moment of the day, during which the time stops and we are entirely dedicated to ourselves, take a bath and relax.

Water is the essential element of life and the act of bathing is a ritual of beauty, health, and well-being. Marble is the perfect complement to that unique and natural experience.

As a marble supplier, TINO Natural Stone has been pleased to contribute to the development of the most original, attractive and avant-garde designs of bathtubs. Be it coating with marble the bathtub made out of different materials, or, and maybe even more interesting, creating the vessel of the bathtub itself and all its surroundings in stone as if it was a sculptural element.

A natural stone bathtub has its own added value because the touch of the skin with natural stone transports us to remote and very natural experiences. We cannot forget, for example, the ancient Roman baths made out of stone.

Travertine bathtub

In the TINO collection travertines are classified within the family of beige marble. This is an example of a magnificent solid bathtub, extracted from a block of stone, treated like a sculpture and made out of one piece. In this case, the tone of the travertine provides a natural warmth that softens the sober and refined lines of the design itself.

The designer has completed the set integrating the Travertine Olivillo floor and counter; and the walls in Royal Cream in our Antico aged texture.

Marble bathtub with a hydromassage

This spectacular bathtub with a hydromassage combines the two natural materials par excellence: wood and stone. The contrast of the iroko wood, which always brings a colonial touch, and the exotic character of the Iceberg Fantasy marble, creates a sophisticated, avant-garde but at the same time comfortable atmosphere.

As a marble supplier in Ibiza, TINO Natural Stone provided Iceberg Fantasy marble for bathrooms and Black Granite for other Ibiza Gran Hotel interiors.

Arce Natura bathtub

An original bathroom that combines several very unique types of marble in the same space. The wall is covered by Oasis Brown marble characterized by its tobacco-colored tones and elegant white streaks.

The marble bathtub, also a solid piece with a spectacular design, works like a negative version of the wall. It is made with Arce Natura marble, an interesting stone because of its linear veins in brown tones on a creamy background that reminds us of the shape of the wood.

Travertine Jacuzzi

Comfort, warmth and natural products are again the protagonists of this relaxing space for a jacuzzi.

Even though the jacuzzi is made out of ceramic, it is embedded in a Travertine Classic floor and it is accessed through pine wood ladders, an always successful combination.

Black marble bathtub

This is another example of marble bathtubs. The elegance, sophistication, and
magnetism of the black color put at the service of interior design. The depth of Marquina Black is enhanced by the polished finish in which the light and the different elements are reflected, granting space.

It is the bathroom of one of the suites of the Bulgari Hotel. As a marble supplier in London, TINO Natural Stone provided Marquina Black marble for the bathrooms, as well as Guatemala Green marble for the indoor pool and Green Onyx and Osiris Grey for the Spa.

Saint Laurent marble bathtub

To finish our tour of some of the marble bathtubs made with TINO Natural Stone materials, we visit this piece covered with Saint Laurent.

An exempt bathtub that transcends the concept of a simple bathroom element, becoming a piece with its own identity within the furniture. The designer has covered it with the copper-black Saint Laurent combined with a mosaic of small copper-colored tesserae on the wall as a canvas.

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