Exotic marble walls in luxury interiors

Integrating exotic marble walls into luxury interiors is the result of a refined search for the taste to travel and the adventurous spirit. It expresses a, somewhat hedonistic, desire to enjoy unique, evocative and very personal environments.

But who can resist the search for beauty? It is something innate in the human being. And thinking about this concept, we turn our attention to a figure that could perfectly embody this passion for aesthetics: the architect and artisan William Morris, the greatest exponent of the Arts and Crafts movement.

In the 19th-century, the taste for the sublime, the picturesque and the exotic reached its highest levels. Dreaming of lost paradises and thus escaping in a certain way from reality codified aesthetic lines full of meticulousness, delicacy, and taste for detail. The Arts and Crafts movement ranged from architecture to textiles, including the plastic arts. It stood out for the great importance it gave to the artisanal ways of working. Although its origins as a movement are in Great Britain, we will see it reflected in different and very diverse places around the world.

This unique, peculiar and colorful concept was born through the resistance to the prevailing industrialization of the end of 19th-century. Its priority was the respect for the nature of textile, ceramic or stone materials. A panorama related to the exotic marbles that TINO Natural Stone has in its collection:

Blue marble wall

Exotic marble walls in luxury interiors are perfectly integrated into minimalist designs, where they take on the role of a canvas.

This interior of refined lines displays the contrast of the indigo background and the strength of the golden veining as the only ornament of the room. The result is a Sodalite Blue marble wall-jewel that gives good taste to the whole environment.

Red marble wall

Red Revolution is a spectacular red quartzite, capable of transmitting great dynamism and character to any space. The intense red is reinforced by the suggestive grey and white veins, which plow the base in a rapid oscillation of stony waves.

Black marble wall Portoro

The black marble Portoro is the luxury marble par excellence. The bedroom of the image acquires a level of sophistication very difficult to match thanks to the exquisite combination of the intense black of the base and its rich golden veins. Pure luxury and distinction, without shrillness.

Green marble wall Guatemala

We are facing an exterior of austere vegetation that nevertheless floods the spectator’s view of jungle greenery.

This Guatemala Green marble wall evokes the leafiest and recondite places on the planet with its intense, indomitable and natural green.

Black marble wall Vulcano

From the jungle exterior we travel to the interior of a large manor house with winter colors. The modern fireplace has been encased in an elegant black marble Vulcano wall. It contrasts the warmth of the orange and amber veins with the sobriety and purity of the black of its base. Another example of how an exotic marble wall can be an ornament in itself.

Brown marble wall

Another excellent example of exotic marble walls. In the composition, we see the possibilities offered by the combination of different natural stones in the same space.

The wall is composed of a luxurious cladded Oasis Brown marble, gently marked by fine white veins. The bathtub instead is like a negative version of the wall. The piece is made with Arce Natura marble and has a white base furrowed by brown veins.

Yellow Triana marble wall and floor

Finally, we visit one of the designs that most reminds us of the Arts and Crafts movement. It is a bathroom in which different ornamental elements are combined to obtain a set inspired by 19th-century aesthetics.

The designer has managed to combine floral elements, prints, ceramics, wood and Yellow Triana marble slabs, a material widely used in the oriental style interior design.

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