Marble in luxury homes

Installing marble in luxury homes has many advantages, being the increase in value of the property, the most important one.

Many high-quality residential projects are not only looking for the best materials for owners to enjoy while living on the property. They are also highly appreciated for their ability to enhance the attractiveness in terms of future pricing.

Here are some examples of marble from our collection:

Marble in luxury homes is a good investment

Any element covered with this material is a safe investment that will enrich the house from an aesthetic, functional and economic point of view. Some of the places where we can install marble are:

  • The floor of the living room
  • Ventilated façade
  • Outdoor decoration
  • Ladders – Stairs
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples in which TINO Natural Stone has collaborated and analyze each case separately.

Marble flooring in the living room

An effective way to apply marble in luxury homes is to install it in the living room.

In the picture, we see a bright living room that combines black and beige tones with an elegant marble base.

This is a villa in La Zagaleta, Marbella. TINO participated in the marble flooring with Parador Cream with a flamed + brushed finish. The project was managed by the prestigious TOBAL Arquitectos studio.

Ventilated marble façade

Applying marble to the exterior of a luxury home not only beautifies it but also increases its market value.

Applying marble to the exterior of a luxury home not only beautifies it but also increases its market value.

A ventilated façade in natural stone provides a complete answer to all the requirements that a façade must meet, both technically and aesthetically, and represents significant energy savings for homes.

In this impressive villa in La Moraleja (Madrid), TINO used Royal Travertine to clad its ventilated façade.

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Outdoor marble decoration

We continue in the same house of La Moraleja to highlight its outdoor ornamentation in natural stone.

Giving continuity to the façade, its architect Marcos Sainz did not hesitate to work the decorative outdoor elements in the same material, Royal Travertine. The straight lines stand out, reinforcing the building’s contemporary look.

Marble swimming pool

We return to Marbella and continue in outdoor areas to see how the marble in luxury houses becomes the main protagonist. This time when it comes to dressing pool areas.

Around the turquoise quadrilateral and in the adjacent low walls we find an impeccable coating of Macael White marble. The clarity of the water and the exterior light find a perfect companion in the shimmering white of this crystalline marble.

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Marble staircases

We go back inside the houses we are visiting to climb their stairs. Our feet perceive the firm texture of the stone, which gives security to our steps while delighting our eyes.

The luxury house that contains these marble stairs is located in Madrid. TINO used the Crema Bianco marble for this purpose. The meticulous finish of each step is impressive.

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Marble bathroom

Visiting the upper floors to go through the bathrooms.

This magnificent example can be found in another large single-family residence in Marbella.

In this room, we find one of the exotic marbles of our collection, the Yellow Triana marble. Its amber and golden streaks on a bright yellow background bring exclusivity and color to any environment.

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Marble kitchen

Finally, we visited one of the kitchens in which we have participated to focus on their marble flooring.

TINO participated by providing the Crema Bianco marble. The finishing applied is called DOMUS and is part of the exclusive CLASSIC collection.

If you are convinced of the advantages of marble in luxury homes and are thinking of including it in your project, contact us or visit the professional area.

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