TINO´s Natural Stone arrives in China at the Four Seasons Guangzhou Hotel

Thousands of kilometres away, TINO Natural Stone’s seal is at […]

Thousands of kilometres away, TINO Natural Stone’s seal is at one of the most representative hotels in China: Four Seasons Guangzhou hotel. This first class hotel chain and the Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) architectural firm designed this 5 star hotel which opened in 2012.

The Four Seasons Guangzhou Hotel is located in Guangzhou, is 412 meters high and has 344 rooms and 7 dining options. In 2013 was the fifth highest hotel in the world.

On this occasion, TINO designed bespoke toilets with the Orange Onyx natural stone for the public toilets of this luxury hotel. Also, we coated the flooring and walls of the room with Ebano Black natural stone, applying the Forum finishing from our Classic collection.Thanks to our materials, Orange Onyx and Ebano Black sophisticated environments were created up to the standard of the Four Seasons chain.Below some pictures of our implemented material in the bathrooms of the Hotel Four Seasons Guangzhou.[vc_images_carousel images=”5893,5892,4250″ img_size=”500×450″]As can be seen, overall our materials offer to the space a warm experience along by the lush views that these areas offer at the hotel.[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D2pzDUMgwo” align=”center”]

On this video you can see the whole area – via YouTube

At TINO Natural Stone we make any natural stone project made to measure such as the excellent designed toilets for this luxury hotel. And if you would like to know thoroughly our Classic collection finishings such as the finishing Forum – exposed on this project – you can ask for more information here.We recommend you following our Instagram and Pinterest social profiles to keep abreast of the company’s new features and trends in architecture and interior design.


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