Marble in the hospitality sector

Mármol en el sector hotelero

Marble in the hospitality sector is an essential element used by architects and interior designers. In many cases they reinterpret marble elements in order to adapt them to nowadays aesthetics.

Marble in the hospitality sector, never gets out of date, it prevails and sets the trend. Nowadays, the modernity and versatility of the most contemporary styles and the richness of the most eclectic flairs complement its timeless elegance.

Marble in any hotel project is synonymous with distinction and quality. Although technology has flooded the market with alternative products for facing and cladding, stone continues being the most appreciated aesthetic skin. Marble is a natural, unique and unrepeatable product. Stone brings matchless sensations to spaces like hotels, where the customer wants to live and feel new experiences.

As an international marble supplier and expert in tailor-made natural stone projects, TINO Natural Stone has participated in significant hotel projects around the world. Let’s have a look some examples.

Marble in the Marbella hospitality sector

Tourism in Marbella is a powerful economic engine of the Costa del Sol. Symbol of luxury and exclusivity, this city with a temperate climate is the Andalusian location with the most five-star hotels.

The hotel complex that best represents what we have pointed out above is the Villa Padierna Palace, a five-stars hotel.

On these lines, in one of its access gardens, around and inside of the fountain, there are Travertine Olivillo coverings.

The hotel is inspired after a Tuscany palace and travertine is an excellent material to evoke classical Italian culture.

The Tuscan atmosphere remains inside. We go into one of the bathrooms to discover a beautiful coating of Travertine Olivillo in washbasins and walls.

The Spa ice fountain is a precious piece of sculpture made entirely of natural stone. Underneath an imposing stone cylinder is a jet made of Crema Real. The little bits of ice rest on a pseudo lobed shaft of Marquina Black marble that takes us back to the baptismal fonts of the Gothic cathedrals.

The floating floor has been covered with Perlino White marble in a DOMUS finish, slightly aged, which reduces slipperiness in an area where it is essential.

The semi-circular wall combines a cladding with rectangular pieces using the small tesserae that cover the decorative niches. A solemn and almost mystical concept to recreate a unique space of relaxation and well-being.

We end our tour of the Villa Padierna Palace Hotel in this passage with the porticoed gallery. In it, the bare white walls contrast with a classic Black&White design. The materials used are Perlino White and Marquina Black in DOMUS texture. Sobriety and timelessness are the guiding thread.

Four Seasons Hotel George V limestone façade in París

The Four Seasons Geroge V Hotel in Paris is very close to the Champs Elysées. TINO Natural Stone was in charge of the façade of the building and used Caliza Luna.

This calcareous natural stone brings excellent luminosity to the façade, also enhancing its classic elements. Its base color is white, although it may have fine greyish beige motes. Highly valued for its uniformity and clarity.

Marble at the Bulgari Hotel in London

If there is an exclusive hotel symbol in the Anglo-Saxon capital, this is the Bulgari Hotel. Many of its spaces are covered with stones considered semi-precious.

TINO Natural Stone participated in this project applying Marquina Black, Osiris Grey, and Green Onyx in bathrooms, Spa and massage room.

Above these lines, we see an image with the entrance to one of the pools of the Spa. Walls and floors show the Osiris Grey stone, a beautiful limestone of grayish tones shaded by a multitude of cream sparkles thanks to its marine fossils.

In this other image, we see the detail of one of the bathrooms of the hotel, in which TINO applied Negro Marquina marble. The finish applied was polished on both floors and walls. A safe bet when looking for elegance and sobriety.

Marble Spa of the Ritz Carlton Moscow

Near the Kremlin and Red Square stands the Ritz Carlton Moscow, a symbol of the prosperity and wealth of the Russian capital.

TINO Natural Stone took part in the project by covering the walls and floors of the spa’s indoor swimming pool with Crema Bianco marble.

The natural stone contributes to creating a dreamy atmosphere for the unique and exclusive hotel in the city.

NH Sotogrande limestone floor

Sotogrande is one of the most elegant and sophisticated areas in Andalusia. An excellent example to show how TINO played with three different finishes for the same material: POLISHED, COTTON, and DOMUS. A prototype of how the textures of the marble can contribute to creating personalized environments and sensations in the hotel space.

In the image above, in the reception hall, the designer opted for the application of Perlino White in a POLISHED finish where the welcome area is dazzled by its clarity and luminosity.

We continue with a different area in which we seek to offer the sensation of comfort and warmth. To this end, TINO applied a soft and delicate COTTON finish to the Perlino White flooring.

Finally, we stop at the detail in relief of the borders of one of the walls and the surrounding cladding.

On this occasion, the finish for the Perlino White was DOMUS because it provides a slightly textured and matt touch. The stone invites to be touched and enjoyed.

Amarillo Triana marble at the Mandarin Hotel in Miami

When we speak about Asian-style hotel interior design, the first group that comes to mind is the famous Mandarin Oriental.

The hotel flaunts a natural stone highly valued in Asia. It is the Triana Yellow marble, so called because TINO applied it to the Triana Tower of Seville.

Como vemos, la peculiaridad de este material es capaz de sumergir cualquier estancia en exotismo y refinamiento. Un retazo de Naturaleza en un espacio que invita al bienestar y descanso.

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