Honoring in natural stone: participation in the emblematic suite of Hotel El Fuerte

We are pleased to highlight that TINO Natural Stone has been an essential part of the renovation of the historic Hotel El Fuerte in Marbella, a true icon on the Costa del Sol. Our work has left a special mark on the legendary suite of this hotel, named after Elvira Vidal in honor of a prominent figure in Marbella’s life.

The suite bearing the name Elvira Vidal is much more than a luxurious space: it is a tribute to an essential part of Marbella’s history. From her original guesthouse to her charming house surrounded by vineyards, Elvira Vidal was an exceptional hostess to prominent figures like Maximiliano Hohenlohe and intellectuals and bohemians of the time, including the poet Jean Cocteau and the writer Ana de Pombo.

Hotel El Fuerte Marbella

The “Dama Selected Master Suite” offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from the hotel’s fifth floor, featuring an exquisite design by Jaime Beriestain that celebrates Marbella’s tradition and beauty. This small tribute to Elvira Vidal reminds us that Marbella is much more than an opulent destination: it is a place steeped in history and culture.

Recently, this exciting project was featured in the online magazine Cool Lifestyle by Ok Diario, highlighting the importance of preserving Marbella’s unique heritage through renovation projects like this. We are delighted to have contributed to this transformation, combining craftsmanship in natural stone with the timeless elegance that defines Marbella. We hope that our participation in the emblematic suite of El Fuerte inspires more people to discover and appreciate the rich heritage of this charming Spanish destination.


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