Natural stone with fossils for interior design

Most types of natural stone with fossils currently used for interior design are limestone.

Limestones are sedimentary rocks mainly formed by calcium carbonate. In some of them, there are carbonate remains of fossils that allow us to know in which geological epoch they were created. These preterite organisms make these stones very attractive aesthetically:

-They transport us to distant times.

-Allow us to have small pieces of history and science within our reach.

Touching and feeling a piece connects us with a part of ourselves. It is an invitation to awaken our sensibility and our most primitive side.

Compared to marble these fossiliferous limestones have a very different aesthetic character. Their ranges of colors are always more uniform and have less pronounced and dramatic strikes. For this reason, they lend themselves to sober and calm decorations, although the range of colors is extensive.

Osiris Grey, organic vestiges in the form of art

A very appreciated natural stone with fossils is Grey Osiris, a limestone of undeniable beauty. It takes us back to the aquatic nature of these stones and gives us a frozen image of what happened millions of years ago. The result is an elegant material with a grey taupe base, sprinkled with an infinity of white fossil shells and creams that give it movement and uniqueness.

Grey Osiris is an exciting option when it comes to combining it with white furniture and other decorative elements. The base between grey, copper, and taupe forms is a perfect background that contrasts with light ornamental objects.

In addition to white, another color that combines perfectly with Grey Osiris is green. this is the reason why the designer of the Bulgari Hotel in London opted for a frame like Osiris to house the pools and jacuzzis of his luxury Spa.

Perlino White, millenary filaments in current interiors

It is a fossil limestone of white tonality, very compacted and fine-grained. It sometimes presents filamentous veins and some dark greenish veins that accentuate with time. In some occasions also appear small formations in the form of pinkish dots. It contains abundant fossils and the primary material that composes it is calcium carbonate, in no less than 99%.

Its chipped grain gives this stone a great personality, very much appreciated aesthetically for its elegance and its “archaic touch.”

The designer in charge of the interior of the NH Sotogrande hotel covered the floors of the complex with Perlino White.

Thanks to the Cotton texture, which enhances its peeled appearance presenting crests and worn valleys with a very soft touch, and studied lighting gets to create an effect of wonderful setting in which the stone shines in all its splendor.

Ebano Black, exoticism made reality

Another noteworthy limestone is Ebano Black. It is known as the stone “of a thousand faces” because of the amount and variety of structural and chromatic movement it contains even within the same block and table.

It is a fine-grained fossil rock with a dark base with blacks and greys in which pinkish and reddish areas appear in the form of a cloud. It also has some white streaks of different thickness. Of homogeneous structure, its main component is calcite but in a small percentage, it is also composed of quartz and dolomite.

It reminds us of ebony wood due to its elegant black tone which invokes a tribal and exotic touch.

In the image above we see a floor of Ebano Black in Forum finish, with slightly rounded edges, it provides volume and very interesting chiaroscuro in large surfaces. Here you can see how Ebano Black stands out because of its variety of shades and tonalities.

Grey Navy, oceanic inspiration through stone

It is another compact limestone with a greenish grey color. It is composed entirely of calcite, the crystalline form of calcium carbonate, present in different phases. Fossil remains can be seen on its surface.

The steel color of the background has bluish, greenish and ochre tints. The fossil shades range from silvery grey to an occasional grey ochre. Its naval-inspired name brings us closer to the nuances of battleships.

This Grey Navy limestone shower perfectly reflects its sober, forceful and elegant character.

The shades and chiaroscuro of this exceptional rock are generated by the millenary vestiges of shells and petrified vegetables inside.

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