TINO Design Networking 3rd Edition Overview

TINO Design Networking 3rd edition was a complete success. More than 200 personalities from the architecture, construction, interior design and decor sectors of our country and abroad were present, learning about the latest trends in natural stone. At the showroom, the visitors were able to get to know the different models of our natural stone top 10 in a variety of formats and implementations.

Stonsize porcelain & Honeycomb products, outcome of the constant research and TINO Natural Stone innovation, generated great interest among the professionals of the sector that attended the meeting.

Stonsize porcelain & Honeycomb were the products that generated strong interest due its application and novelty for the natural stone sector. At the showroom it could be observed how this product was applied to whether facade or floor and the minimum thickness achieved to reducing the weight of each piece.

At one point of the evening, “The TINO experience” video was shown, which summarises the new stage in which TINO Natural Stone is located. Anecdotally, a costume made of natural stone was exposed at the showroom entrance as reference to the brand’s main statement “tailor-made natural stone projects”. Throughout the event, a professional BIMobject platform showed attending professionals the advantages of using this 2.0 tool and the implementation of TINO products in it.Here are some snapshots of the TINO Design Networking 3rd EditionTo thank again all the attendees during this third edition of TINO Design Networking and Theatro Marbella that brightened up the whole evening with live music performances.


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