Travertine Classic, in the seventh most demanded TINO Natural Stone products

In the seventh position of our top 10 natural stones […]

In the seventh position of our top 10 natural stones , you can find Travertine Classic, a natural stone of dark beige color and a striped structure. One of the interior design and architecture most used products. And mainly for those projects providing a touch of tradition.

Natural stone Travertine Classic is mainly used for the outdoors areas of hotels and villas due to its easy maintenance.

Travertine Classic stands out for its versatility, Just like one of the natural stone products we offer from TINO Natural Stone, adapting itself for indoors(bathroom or floor) and also outdoors (gardens, pool edges, patios or entrances) use.The Classic collection textures we offer are perfect for Travertino Classico natural stone customisation. No we present you different finishes with some of these textures.[vc_images_carousel images=”5773,5774,3275,2246″ img_size=”600×500″]Travertine Classic has been used for many large projects such as the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real and the Boca Ratón villa (Florida).This natural stone is a material to be applied mainly in environments that crave for a classic look as it retains a colour and texture of the old days. It is especially suitable for application in both exterior or interior coatings but also the flooring due to its easy maintenance.They can be customised with a polished, thickened, and sandblasted finish just like like most TINO’s collection stones in addition to the ones we have previously discussed within the Classic collection. For this case we may recommend the polished finish since it is the one which enhances the colour of this natural stone.Please get in touch with TINO Natural Stone professional team in order to give you advise you about every product customisation we offer. We may recommend you to follow up our profile in Pinterest to know all the applications of our natural stones.


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