Travertine terrace

A travertine terrace is a perfect choice to create a space for recreation and leisure. A material like travertine marble is very practical due to its neutral colors and endless possibilities of textures and finishes but also adds a refined, relaxed and timeless style to any outdoor space.

The type of cut made in the block as well as the treatment of its holes or its different surface finishes make this natural stone so versatile. For this reason the same stone can have many different versions.

As mentioned in the post “outdoor travertine floors” its holes can be treated in the following ways:

  • Open pore system, leaving the pores open, and thus adapting to rustic or natural styles.
  • Pores covered with a filling of the same color as the stone, or a transparent filling. With this treatment we achive to cover the pores maintaining all the beauty of the stone.

Let’s see some examples:

Terrace of the hotel Villa Padierna Palace

With a spectacular Travertine Classic terrace, in the purest neoclassical style, this luxurious space is integrated in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean landscape.

As a marble supplier in Marbella, TINO Natural Stone provided different types of this material as well as other natural stones for the hotel’s claddings.

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Royal Travertine Terrace in La Moraleja

This beautifully covered terrace in La Moraleja has been carried out by installing “Real Travertine” tiles. It is a natural stone that creates refined and harmonious environments full of personality. Simplicity and good taste in equal parts.

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Travertine Terrace with swimming pool

Let’s visit another beautiful villa to see how the contrast between the brown tones of the stone and the turquoise blue of the pool is one of the most refreshing chromatic combinations for the summer.

Travertine terrace in Marbella

We are looking at a classic environment in which the textured Iberian Travertine stands out, a natural stone of elegant color that, matches perfectly with the crystalline waters of the pool and the surrounding light.

Chillout travertine terrace

This terrace of Iberian Travertine invites to be inhabited, to live moments of relaxation, to meet friends in endless gatherings until sunset. A terrace that predisposes to hedonism and the pleasure of the senses.

TINO Natural Stone participated in this project by providing Iberian Travertine with a DOMUS finish.

As we can see, the travertine terrace, nice and full of nuances for its textures, combines perfectly with the furniture, designed to fit in an elegant, cozy and practical exterior.

Travertine Classic and Travertine Bianco

These are some of the travertines that we can find in the TINO Natural Stone collection. us or visit the professional area for more information on how we can help you to include a travertine terrace in your project.


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