Use of marble in exteriors

Marble in exteriors is used much more often than commonly believed. It is a 100% natural material that brings beauty, quality and elegance to terraces, swimming pools, façades and was even used for the paving of some of the most emblematic boulevards on the planet.

Marble in exteriors with cement effect

The material used to coat the floor of this magnificent terrace is called Twilight Grey. It is a very homogeneous grey limestone with smoky tones. One of its aesthetic peculiarities is that when the honed (matt) finish is applied, it looks strikingly similar to concrete. However, this material also has the unique and inimitable characteristics of natural stone.

Non-slip finishes for marble floors in exteriors

The image above was already seen in the previous post, in which we talked about non-slip finishes for marble floors.[vc_masonry_grid post_type=”ids” item=”masonryMedia_SimpleOverlay” grid_id=”vc_gid:1557748054591-eea0635f-cebf-3″ include=”10329, 10346, 10339″]TINO Natural Stone offers three types of anti-slip finishes: Sandblasted, Flamed, and Zero. It is precisely thanks to these surface finishes that we can install floors that do not slip around swimming pools or outdoors.

Decreased porosity of the stone

We can also treat the stone to reduce its absorption capacity as much as possible and avoid moisture problems.

Marble on facades

It is also possible to enjoy marble in exteriors installing the ventilated facades. This system provides a complete response to the set of demands that a façade must fulfill, both technically and aesthetically, and represents a significant energy saving for homes. Click on the link if you want to know more about ventilated natural stone facades >

Outdoor Travertine

This villa in La Moraleja in Madrid is covered both inside and outside by a beautiful stone called Travertino Real.

In this case, the treatment of the hollows was to leave the pores open in order to take advantage of the aesthetic qualities of the travertine.

As we can see in the image, the designer has looked for continuity using the same material also in the terrace.

Málaga promenade covered with travertine

The elegant promenade at the Málaga dockside combines several textures of Travertine Classic to offer the pedestrians an exclusive, luminous and pleasant walk.

Marble in exteriors on hotel terraces

The Travertine Classico terrace of the Villa Padierna Palace is spectacular. In the purest neoclassical style, this luxurious space integrates perfectly into the Mediterranean landscape.

As a travertine supplier in Marbella, TINO Natural Stone provided different types of this material as well as other natural stones for the hotel cladding.

Click on the link if you want to know more about Travertino terraces >

Finally, we finish our tour with this floor covered with Parador Yellow marble in an aged finish.

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