Our blog specialised in marble during 2022

2022 is about to end, and as usual, we would like to offer you a summary of the contents we have published in our blog specialised in marble during the last 12 months.

The intention of this blog is no other than to offer relevant information about the marble sector and natural stone in general applied to architecture and interior design. We hope you have found it exciting and will be our reader for another year.

Interview with Antonio Benjumea, CEO at BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS

Entrevista a Antonio Benjumea, CEO de Benjumea Arquitectos

We started the year in the best possible way: interviewing Antonio Benjumea. Antonio is CEO of BENJUMEA ARQUITECTOS, a reference studio based in Sotogrande composed of architects, technical architects and engineers. They are dedicated to all projects, although they specialise in luxury villa projects.

TINO Natural Stone marble slabs packaging

Embalaje tablas mármol - Marble slabs packaging

If there is one thing our customers value, it is the attention to detail and the care we treat our materials so that they arrive at the installation area in perfect condition and ready to be laid.

Procedures such as the packaging of marble slabs and other pieces of natural stone are a key factor in our activity. We know how important excellent packaging is to guarantee the delivery of the material, previously processed in our factory, without any damage to the point of destination.

Marble staircase with lighting

Escalera de mármol con iluminacón - Marble staircase with lighting

This spiral staircase integrates beauty, monumentality, quality and functionality in a single work.

The work, masterfully carried out by Tobal Arquitectos, functions as the vertical axis of the space while dressing it with distinction. The result is an ascending symphony of steps accompanied by a glass railing that contributes to maintaining the visual amplitude of the room.

Marble mosaic: 3D cube-shaped flooring

Suelo formando cubos 3D en mosaico de mármol - 3D cube-shaped floor in marble mosaic

A 3D cube floor in marble mosaic combines classical tradition with balance and modernity.

Marble mosaics with geometric lines are, in general, rich ornamental elements that also represent an exquisite taste for detail and harmony. It is not surprising, that such elaborated marble floors often catch the eye of those present.

Oval marble medallion

Oval marble floor medallion - Medallón ovalado de mármol para el suelo

In one of our projects, we analysed this oval marble medallion for sizeable indoor flooring.

Medallions can have several geometric shapes, but in this case, we have chosen the oval body and explained its particularities in the article.

Eva Carrasco, from EA3 Arquitectura, visits our showroom in Marbella

Eva Carrasco EA3 Arquitectura

Eva Carrasco, Technical Architect and Interior Designer of reference in Marbella, visited our marble and natural stone showroom in October, and we were lucky enough to chat with her.

It was a pleasure to share some great moments with this great professional with more than 20 years of experience in the construction management of luxury villas, renovation projects of high-standing housing and interior design.

Tobal Arquitectos was awarded for excellence at the Macael Awards

Tobal Arquitectos en los Premios Macael 2022

Finally, we close the year with the celebration of the award of Tobal Arquitectos, TINO Natural Stone’s regular collaborator studio, with the Excellence Award of AEMA Macael.

It was an honour to share the evening with Tobal Arquitectos and other award winners and renowned guests. The climax was the attendance of Their Majesties, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, to support the Almeria marble industry.

Happy 2023, see you soon; we have lot to tell you!


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