Marble bathrooms

Marble bathrooms are a trend and have come to stay for a long time. The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house. In it we take care of ourselves, we heal and beautify; nothing better than a natural stone as noble as marble to enhance our well-being.

Marble bathrooms’ finishes

In addition to offering multiple possibilities of colors and shapes, marble enjoys a rich versatility in terms of textures. Among the most desired: a POLISHED finish in which the intense brightness is the protagonist; HONED with an elegant satin, DOMUS, slightly aged, COTTON a softly rugged texture that makes us fall in love with the touch; QUADRO, with rounded and soft edges offering a touch of added volume and softness. And so many others in which TINO Natural Stone is a specialist. Let’s see some examples:

Marble bathroom “cotton wool” look

The countertop we see in the foreground is made of Perlino Bianco white marble. The applied finish is known as COTTON, a sophisticated texture for which different processes are used. Among them, flaming, in which the stone goes through a high-temperature fire treatment that raises ridges in relief creating a very suggestive and pleasant surface.

The designer wanted to show a very different image of POLISHED marble bathrooms that we are used to. This gently rough texture provides a highly contemporary look.

Marble bathroom at Sheraton Jinan Hotel

The predominant stone in this spectacular, classic and timeless bathroom is the Carrara White marble. The designer manages to transmit serenity through the reflection of natural light on the base color of immaculate white and its vivacious gray veins.

TINO Natural Stone was selected as a marble supplier in this emblematic building providing natural stone for bathrooms and interiors.

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Grey marble bathroom

The floor of this bathroom with refined lines is made of Grey Navy, a grey-brown base limestone with bluish, greenish and even yellowish touches. A pairing of tonalities that supposes a real pleasure for the senses. The veins that it produces generate nuances that range from silvery gray to grayish ocher.

Grey is an original and elegant color that offers many possibilities when decorating the bathroom.

Triana Yellow marble Bathroom

The marble bathroom that we see above is part of the Brickell Suite of the Mandarin Hotel in Miami.

As a natural stone supplier, TINO Natural Stone provided Yellow Triana marble to paint the interiors of this emblematic luxury hotel with exoticism and orientalism.

This dolomite marble does not leave anyone indifferent, it has a very unique character and has been appreciated for years by interior designers for its intense yellow background in which printed plant fossils transport us to a garden of ferns.

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Bathroom of the Bulgari Hotel in London

Marquina Black marble is the absolute protagonist of the room. The Bulgari brand is associated with luxury and good taste. Black is the color of sophistication par excellence and that is why TINO Natural Stone provided this material in POLISHED finish for the floor and wall coverings. It is a total black concept dotted with small white elements. Sobriety, elegance, and distinction could be its qualifiers.

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Saint Laurent marble bathroom

This unique jacuzzi is lined with the exclusive Saint Laurent stone, elegant and timeless. The designer also looked for chocolate tones crossing the back wall in an effort to create a sculptural element. For this project, TINO Natural Stone provided small marble tiles as a mosaic.

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Blue Violet marble bathroom

Blue Violet is a black marble full of iridescent veins in movement suggensting the idea of ​​how whimsical Nature can become.

The walls and countertops covered with this material evoke the interior of a mysterious grotto flooded with beauty that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Boticcino bathroom

The cream marble Boticcino is the guiding thread in the decoration of this beautiful bathroom. A contrast of classic materials with naive elements that play intentionally with different textures in the different architectural elements. There is a predominance of pearly tones creating a very homogeneous base dotted with touches of white, gold, fuchsia and crystal elements.

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